What an Out-of-State Driver Should Know About Richmond Speeding Charges

In Richmond, speeding and reckless driving offenses are treated differently than in many other jurisdictions. Courts in Richmond take traffic offenses very seriously and levy severe punishments against those convicted. For more serious charges, such as for high speed or aggravated reckless driving, convictions often result in jail sentences and long term license suspensions. With these things in mind, it is important if you are charged you consult with a Richmond traffic lawyer, especially if you are an out of state resident. To learn more about your charge and what an attorney can do to help, call and schedule a free consultation today.

What is The First Thing An Out of State Resident Should Do If Charged With Speeding or Reckless Driving in Richmond?

The first thing an out of state driver should do if they receive a speeding ticket in the city of Richmond is to contact a local attorney to get some advice as what the charge is, the potential punishments, and the long term impact a charge can have.   Next you want to know what steps you can take to address the matter to get it reduced or dismissed.

Richmond imposes the same penalties on out of state drivers that it does for in state drivers. Which can result in a jail sentence, license suspension, and significant fines and costs. For reckless driving tickets, an out of state driver must appear unless their lawyer can get their appearance waived. If the case is aggravated or with a high speed accident or alcohol, then it is mandatory that they appear.

If convicted of reckless driving in Virginia, it will be reported to your local state and your local state DMV can actually impose their own penalties, whether that be a license suspension or a restricted license.

Can a Lawyer Go To Court on Your Behalf?

In many reckless driving cases, the lawyer can actually appear on your behalf if they get your appearance waived. They can present evidence as to your driving record and mitigating factors. However, if it’s an aggravated case, one involving a serious accident with injuries or alcohol involved, or it’s a significant speed over 90 miles an hour, then the individuals must appear.

Should An Out of State Driver Contact Local Counsel?

An out of state driver receiving a reckless driving ticket should definitely contact local counsel. You’re going to want to get an understanding of what the possible penalties are in the city of Richmond as well as the impact in their home state. They’re also going to want to know the best route to deal with the issue and what sort of steps they can take to mitigate the damages.

In these cases, being unaware of Richmond traffic laws is not a defense. If you’re operating a vehicle in another state it is your responsibility to understand their laws and understand their restrictions.

What Are The Most Important Things For An Out of State Driver to Know When Facing Traffic Charges in Richmond?

Most importantly, an out of state driver should know that the courts in Richmond takes these cases very seriously and the penalties can be very harsh, especially compared to other states. The penalties can involve a jail sentence, license suspension, and very high fine. Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, so it can impact your criminal record and therefore impact your job and/or your security clearance.

For these reasons it is important not to take a chance, even if you case seems relatively minor, and instead hire an experienced lawyer who can provide you with the legal guidance to minimize your charge. Call today to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your case.