Richmond Traffic Felony Offenses

Traffic felony is a criminal charge that is viewed as one that causes significant harm to a person, property, or an offense with multiple prior offenses. For example, a DUI third offense or multiple habitual offender offenses are felonies. Traffic felony cases are much more severe than most other traffic charges and they can result in significant penalties including long-term incarceration.

As a result of these serious consequences it is important that you consult with an experienced Richmond traffic lawyer as soon as possible after you are charged. An attorney will be able to look at the facts and circumstances surrounding your charge and help develop the strongest defense possible. Below is more information on what traffic charges are classified as felonies. For more, schedule a consultation today.

Common Traffic Felonies in Richmond

Common traffic felonies in Richmond are DUI third offenses or what is referred to as felony DUI. It comes with minimum mandatory jail time of up to 6 months. Habitual offender and hit and run felony charges are also common in Richmond and carry severe penalties.  Felony hit and run is where there is injury to a person and or there is property damage in excess of a $1000. Other felony cases that you see in Richmond are eluding cases, where individuals or police officers are put in harm’s way or actually harmed, and in the more severe cases it leads to manslaughter and cases where a fatality is involved.

Where Are Traffic Felony Cases Heard in Richmond, Virginia?

Traffic felony cases are heard in the General District Court where there is a preliminary hearing and again it is in the John Marshalls Courts Building, or in the Richmond Manchester Traffic Building. In the preliminary hearing the state or the commonwealth has to show probable cause for the charge. If probable cause is shown then the charge goes up to the circuit court where the matter is put on for trial either before a judge or a jury depending on what is agreed upon.

Can You Appeal Traffic Felony Convictions?

Felony traffic convictions can be appealed to the Court of Appeals. It is much more difficult to appeal for a traffic felony conviction specifically because you have to show some sort of procedural error in the circuit court or an error in evidence that the judge or the prosecution made in order to get to the Court of Appeals.

What Are Possible Penalties For Traffic Felonies?

Penalties for traffic felonies are wide ranging. They can result in supervised probation but they can also result in a jail sentence ranging from several months to anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on the case. These charges are not taken lightly in the Richmond area, and the penalties often reflect this. As a result it is important that an experienced legal representative is contacted as soon as you know you are being charged.