Richmond Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses in Richmond, Virginia range from basic infractions like stop sign and red light violations, to minor speeding tickets to misdemeanor and criminal charges like reckless driving and DUI which carry jail sentences. If you have been accused of any traffic offense consult with a Richmond traffic lawyer to discuss your case and find the best course of legal action.

Traffic Infractions in Richmond

Typical traffic infractions are stop sign or red light violation, and could be a minor speeding ticket. Most infractions come with only a fine and that is how they differ from a misdemeanor violation. With traffic infractions there is no issue regarding a license suspension or even a possibility of jail time unlike misdemeanor charges.

You can also appeal them up to the circuit courts. When they are appealed before the circuit courts they are tried de novo which means they are tried all over again with the same testimony coming in. You have to appeal within 10 calendar days after your conviction at the General District Court.

Where Are Traffic Infraction Cases Heard in Richmond, Virginia?

Traffic infractions in Richmond, Virginia are heard in the General District Court. There are two of them in Richmond – The John Marshalls Courts Building and or the Manchester Courts Building.

What Are Possible Penalties For Traffic Infractions?

Penalties for traffic infractions in Virginia are limited to a fine, which can range from $50 up to the maximum around $250 unless there is a special provision in the code which happens when the violation occurs in a safety corridor. They also come with DMV demerit points and that can range anywhere from 3 to 4 and sometimes up to 6 points depending on the violation.

Traffic Misdemeanors in Richmond

A traffic misdemeanor is a much more severe traffic violation. It is classified as a criminal violation. Traffic misdemeanors are DUI offenses, reckless driving offenses, driving on a suspended license offenses, hit and run offenses, and things of that kind.

Where Are Traffic Misdemeanor Cases Heard in Richmond, Virginia?

Traffic misdemeanor cases are also heard in the General District Courts in Richmond, Virginia. They are either heard in The John Marshall Courts building or The Manchester Courts Building during the traffic dockets. In The John Marshalls Courts Building it will be on the second floor and there are two courtrooms that are primarily for this.

What Are Possible Penalties For Traffic Misdemeanors?

With traffic cases that are a Class 1 misdemeanor it is possible for 12 months in jail and up to $2500 fine, up to 12 month loss of license. In addition, if it is DUI it is 12 months loss of license, if it is a reckless driving case it is a 6 months loss of license.  Some traffic misdemeanors are classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor which comes with up to 6 months in jail, up to $500 fine and depending on the infraction up to 90 days loss of license.

Like a traffic infraction, you can appeal a traffic misdemeanor conviction 10 calendar days after the conviction to appeal.  They are appealed at the circuit court where it will be tried de novo which means the case is tried all over again, witnesses will have to testify and the commonwealth will have to present the same evidence.