Advantages of Hiring a Traffic Attorney in Richmond

If you are facing a traffic charge in Richmond, you should seek out an attorney that is experienced in this area because you want someone that knows the court system, that knows the various judges in Richmond, knows the prosecutors, and also knows the procedures in Richmond. Every court throughout the state functions differently. So an attorney with experience in dealing with the particular procedures and policies in the court is invaluable.

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What Should An Out-of-State Driver Do If Facing a Serious Traffic Offense In Richmond, Virginia?

I think the most important thing an out of state driver can do is to contact a Richmond attorney. They want an attorney that can explain to them the difference in the charges in Virginia as compared to their home state and can clearly explain to them what penalties they could be facing in the state of Virginia. What they also want is someone who has experience in that area in Richmond for instance and that can advise them of what the possible outcome could be.  For example is it a case that could result in a license suspension, or is it a case where driving school available, and what other remedies may be available?

Why Do You Find Richmond, Virginia Traffic Cases Interesting?

I find Richmond traffic cases interesting because there is such a wide varieties that we see. In Richmond we see cases ranging from DUI, to hit and run, to eluding. So every day there is new case, there are a new set of facts that we get to examine and in many cases we get to argue. In addition to that, having knowledge of the procedure and policies of the Richmond Courts makes practicing in Richmond a challenging experience.

What Makes Richmond, Virginia Traffic Cases Challenging?

What makes traffic cases in Richmond challenging is the degree to which they can be prosecuted in the city of Richmond. The judges in the city of Richmond can be very tough, so you have to prepare your cases diligently.   If you can present strong legal defenses and mitigating factors you can get a positive result for your clients.

The judges in the city of Richmond are very strict in imposing sentences and look to impose active jail sentences. In addition to that, some of the prosecutors in the city of Richmond are very tough on these cases. So what makes it challenging is being able to examine the facts of these cases and find a solid defense that can benefit your client as well as establishing the mitigating factors that can help with the sentencing.

Why Do Clients Choose You For Help in Richmond, Virginia Traffic Cases?

I think clients choose me for help in Richmond, Virginia traffic cases because of the amount of experience I have working in the area. I have been practicing in the city of Richmond now for over 13 years and have handled cases ranging from DUI, felony hit and run, to man-slaughter cases.  I have a wide array of experience and know the judges and the prosecutors, and am familiar with the law enforcement officers working in the city of Richmond.