How Can Your License Get Suspended in Richmond, Virginia?

Your license can be suspended in Richmond, Virginia for a number of ways including through rapid point accumulation (or in other words for numerous convictions for driving charges), for DUI, for drug convictions, and for simply not paying a fine and the costs. Regardless of the reason, however, a Richmond traffic lawyer is available to help minimize the harm of your situation by restoring your privilege to drive as soon as possible. Call today and schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

What Is The Most Common Cause of License Suspensions in Richmond, Virginia?

The most common cause of a license suspension in Richmond, Virginia is failure to pay fines and costs. That is one of the common ways. Unfortunately if you are convicted of a criminal offense, felony offense, or even minor traffic offenses the fine and the costs can be prohibitive and if you do not pay them in the time required by the Court your license will be suspended until these fines are paid off or you reach a payment plan with the Court.

License suspension can result from reckless driving charges, they can result from driving on suspended charges, cases of that nature, and they can also result from drug convictions. Anything from marijuana to cocaine conviction comes with an automatic 6 months loss of license.

Can a Suspension of Someone’s License be Challenged?

We can challenge the suspension if there was insufficient notice of the suspension itself. In other words if we can show that either the court or the DMV did not properly notify the individual or that they actually did make the payments and maybe there is error in recording the payments that were made.

How Can You Protect Your Driving Privileges?

The best way to protect your driving privileges in a suspension case is to first find out the reason for the suspension and then try and take the active steps to remedy that and fix it. If it is an issue with fines and costs the first thing would be to contact the courts or agencies that issued the suspension and either pay off the fines and costs, or come to a payment plan with them. With most courts you can come into a payment plan or a payment agreement to pay the fines and costs they will lift the suspension as long as you can comply with the payment terms.

What Are The Different Ways You Can Challenge a License Suspension In Richmond, Virginia?

Every way that you can challenge your license suspension will depend greatly on what the suspension is for. If the suspension is for fines and costs then you can challenge the notice or you can challenge the fact that you have already received your payment. If it is a result of a DUI you really can’t challenge the suspension itself but if there is an issue regarding your restricted operator’s license you can attempt to show the court that you were driving within the bounds of your restricted license and you were in compliance with your restricted operator’s license.

What an attorney can do to try and protect your driving privileges is to first ensure your compliance with any court orders regarding suspension and regarding your restricted operator’s license. An attorney can also petition the courts so that you can receive restricted driving privileges should there be a suspension. What an attorney can also do is negotiate with the court for payment of fines and costs should the suspension originate from failure to pay fines and costs.