Fredericksburg Drug Trafficking Lawyer

In Fredericksburg, drug trafficking or distribution charges are treated extremely seriously and often carry mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration for a conviction. Further, depending on the amount of drug allegedly recovered and the type of drug allegedly recovered, no probation or rehabilitation programs may be available. With that said, it is imperative to consult with a Fredericksburg drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible to begin protecting your rights and building a strong defense. An experienced drug attorney can be helpful in navigating through the legal system and preparing you for what to expect at each step of the legal process. To learn more or get started on building your defense, call today.

Law Enforcement Approach

Depending on the amount of drugs that are found, the main focus is to make sure that no one is transporting large amounts of any kind of controlled substance throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Therefore, Fredericksburg police officers work with the State Troopers when stops are made for speeding or reckless driving and will often ask to search the vehicle if they feel there is something going on. If a substance is then found, especially if it is a significant amount, this may lead to an arrest and questioning of the person. Similar tactics are used to determine if that individual is in fact, transporting drugs throughout the county or across state lines.

Potential Penalties

The main allegation associated with trafficking drugs tend to be the transporting of any kind of substance into the Commonwealth as defined by Virginia Code Section 18.2-248.01. Normally, a violation of transporting a controlled substance into the Commonwealth of Virginia is a felony offense and it carries anywhere from five years to 40 years in jail with a three-year mandatory minimum. Further, if convicted of this charge a second time, the mandatory minimum increases to 10 years.

In addition, if there are minors or adults who are incapacitated, who are endangered or involved during the transportation or the storing of drugs, then that is cause for a separate and distinct offense. The additional charge carries with it another five to 40 years, of which three years is a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment making it important that a Fredericksburg drug trafficking attorney is consulted.

Impact of Multiple Defendants

When there are multiple defendants involved in Fredericksburg drug trafficking, it is going to make the case a little bit more difficult in the Commonwealth because it is going to have more moving parts and more individuals to charge with a particular crime. As far as seeking convictions for everybody, it makes the Commonwealth’s job slightly more difficult.

Having multiple defendants makes the case easier for attorneys when trying to secure a conviction for one of the individuals as opposed to a multitude of individuals because there are more people who have taken charge which means there are more people for which they can negotiate with. An attorney can convince to testify against each other in the hopes of learning more or in the hopes of becoming a confidant or an informant so they can pinpoint everything down to one person.

If they try and charge everybody, it is going to make the attorney’s job a lot harder. However, often law enforcement has their eyes and their sights on one individual, and therefore, catching multiple people is going to make their job easier, subsequently making the job of defense a little more difficult especially if you are defending that or what lawyers refer to as the mark.

Treatment of Drug Trafficking Offenders

It is important to know that there is a mandatory imprisonment period that comes with drug trafficking charges for a first offense. There are not any first offender programs and there are no rehabilitation programs for drug traffickers. If an individual is caught trafficking, moving, selling, possessing with the intent to distribute, or manufacturing drugs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are not going to be program options for that individual.

Specifically, tied to drug trafficking, not only are there no programs offered for a person but that person is going to be facing a mandatory jail time, which means the judge cannot suspend the time. Also, the jury tends to not feel much sympathy for that person, which can lead to periods of imprisonment of greater rather than lesser length.

How A Fredericksburg Drug Trafficking Lawyer Can Help

The legal system can be intimidating and often overwhelming. However, having a Fredericksburg drug trafficking lawyer to represent you and help you build a defense can help minimize the damage and ensure that all facts and circumstances are taken into account. To learn more about what an experienced lawyer can do for your case or to discuss what penalties you may be facing, consult with an experienced attorney today.