Fredericksburg Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Marijuana possession is a common offense in Fredericksburg, and because of this, Fredericksburg prosecutors do not always treat marijuana charges the same way they treat other charges. Despite marijuana being a schedule one drug, penalties can still be harsh. The help of a Fredericksburg marijuana possession lawyer can make all the difference. Working with a local drug defense attorney allows you to harness their knowledge of existing drug policies, and can strengthen your defense.

Schedule Classification

Whenever dealing with simple possession, due to the trends that are going through the United States and the Virginia code, marijuana is treated differently than other schedule drugs. As opposed to the federal drug control act, which puts marijuana as a scheduled drug, Virginia does not schedule marijuana and has marijuana in its own category. Often the Virginia code is more relaxed when it comes to schedule one or two drugs. It is a misdemeanor to possess marijuana and it also has first offender programs for marijuana that are not as stringent as first offender programs for more serious offenses. With that being said, that is only for the use of marijuana.

Distribution of marijuana, a low-level distribution, is not as bad as felony distribution, however possessing pounds of marijuana, mini-ounces of marijuana, or even half an ounce of marijuana, is a felony and prosecution will prosecute the person as if they were dealing cocaine to the public.


As far as decriminalization of marijuana, in Virginia, it has not been decriminalized anywhere and so they still have prosecuted people to the fullest extent of the law. When it comes to marijuana, the laws of Virginia are not that strict and the person will still be arrested and heavily prosecuted. It is not decriminalized anywhere in Virginia and judges make sure to remind people when they come across folks who have been possessing marijuana or even distributing marijuana that even though it is a substance that is being decriminalized in other areas in the United States, within Virginia, it is still going to lead to a conviction. It could still lead to a charge and so it is important that a person does not possess it because a person can get in trouble for it.

Long-Term Consequences

There are not many long-term implications of a marijuana charge, other than the suspension of a driver’s license, but with a marijuana possession, if one is convicted of simple possession of marijuana, then that person’s license is going to be suspended for a six-month period. If a person receives two marijuana convictions within a 36-month period, then that person’s ability to possess a handgun is going to be suspended for five years from the time of that second conviction.

If convicted of a marijuana offense on a first offense, a person is no longer going to be eligible for a first offender program. So if a person subsequently gets a new charge of marijuana, a person no longer has the chance of having that dismissed with community service. The counsel of a Fredericksburg marijuana possession lawyer can make all the difference between a first and second conviction.

Contacting a Lawyer

Everyone is to understand that even though it is being decriminalized in other areas of the United States, Virginia is not one of those areas. These chargers are not to be taken lightly. Talking yourself out of a marijuana charge is not a real option. Furthermore, it is unlikely that a police officer will be lenient because it is marijuana.

The smartest thing you can do is protect yourself. By not consenting and speaking to Fredericksburg marijuana possession lawyer, you can protect yourself from any further damage to your life, to your career, to your liberties, and to your freedom.

Fredericksburg Marijuana Possession Lawyer