Fredericksburg Drug Arrest Process  

The Fredericksburg drug arrest process varies depending on a couple of factors. One factor is how much of a drug the defendant is caught with. Another potential factor is how much of the drug is found in their possession and whether they have been convicted of possession before.  Most important, is whether the individual allegedly intended on distributing the drugs or not. The arrest process and subsequent legal process can be difficult to undertake alone, but with a determined drug lawyer on your side, you can trust that you are in capable hands.

Simple Possession

Simple possession of schedule one or schedule two drugs is going to be a class five felony which means law enforcement will issue a warrant and this is a case that a person will likely be released on bond without having to post a bond. So they are likely going to give a personal recognizance bond on the promise that the person would come to court.

Simple possession, while it is an illegal offense, the culture and the way to describe it is procedure has changed a lot in the last five to 10 years as to where drug addiction is seen now as more of a sickness or a disease, which it always has been, but now the courts are coming around and dealing with it that way as well, and so they do not look to imprison those on a first offense for a simple possession, even a second offense for a simple possession. A person is likely going to receive some kind of a personal recognizance bond and be released with the promise that they will come to court.

The person will probably be placed on something like pretrial services and so this is essentially a pretrial probation in which a person is going to get drug tested and the person needs to remain clean and not pick up any new crimes or any charges while a person is out on bond and they will remain free. Working with a qualified local lawyer can help you

Possession with Intent to Distribute

For manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possession with the intent to distribute first offense, the police issue a warrant, and the person is arrested. The person can normally be released on bond for this offense. If it is their first offense, however, it will more than likely be a secured bond for a first offense. So a person is going to have to post something in order to be released and then the person is probably going to be placed on pretrial services.

As a Second or Third Offense

Possession with intent second offense carries a mandatory minimum amount of jail time. There is a presumption to get bond, a person will more than likely be held without bond; however, with a lawyer, a person may have an opportunity to be given a secured bond in which a person can post to get out. For possession with intent to distribute third or subsequent offense, the Fredericksburg drug arrest process entails the person getting arrested and held without bond; without posting any bond, a person is more than likely not going to be released pretrial or post-arrest.

The same goes for being caught dealing 100 grams of heroin, 500 grams of cocaine, 10 grams plus of meth, or distribution in a school zone—all of that will lead to long investigations involving many officers. Normally, it will be more than just one offense. They will be undercover, with confidential informants involved. The defendant is not going to get out of jail; if a person gets a bond at all, it will be a very high bond and the chances of the person even getting that bond are very slim.

There are also the schedule three, schedule four, schedule five, and schedule six drugs. All of those are normally going to be summonses in which a person is going to be given a ticket whether it be a distribution case or a simple possession case. The person is more than likely going to be given a ticket, released on a promise that they are going to come to court and appear for all court appearances. The main issue will be the distribution of marijuana and distributions of schedule one or schedule two drugs. That is normally going to lead to being held in jail without a bond as a person awaits trials, hearings.

Importance of An Attorney

Felony charges can have life-altering implications, if you are convicted of possession, especially as a second or third offense. Possession could result in jail time as well as high bond fees. If you are unfamiliar with the Fredericksburg drug arrest process and have been charged with possession, seek the advice of an adept attorney.