Benefits of a Fredericksburg Drug Attorney

One of the benefits of a Fredericksburg drug attorney is that they can conduct an independent investigation of the alleged incident. Although law enforcement conducts its own investigation, they may presume guilt or fail to pursue every angle. In contrast, a defense attorney’s investigation is meant to uncover any evidence that could prove your innocence. For representation during every step of your case, call a criminal defense attorney today.

Importance of an Independent Investigation

When a defense attorney wants to lessen the penalties and the sentencing for a drug charge, the first thing they have to do is investigate the case as if they are trying to reach an acquittal. Even if it seems like the evidence against the accused is overwhelming, something could always turn up in the investigation. That can be an important negotiation tool, or it could uncover facts that will make the prosecutor’s life difficult in court.

A lawyer may find different bits of information in an investigation that can lessen the Commonwealth’s ability to make a penalty harsher. For example, charges of second or third-offense possession with intent to distribute normally carry mandatory minimum sentences, but the Commonwealth has the burden of proving that somebody was convicted of predicate offenses. If a defense attorney can find a way through the investigation and understanding of the case law to keep all predicate offenses suppressed and out of the court, the Commonwealth cannot prove the burden of the case. The case automatically goes from a mandatory three years or 10 years incarceration to no mandatory time at all.

Negotiating Deals

With a proper investigation, a criminal lawyer could remove a lot of potential incarceration time from the table. If an attorney is able to find a slight hole in the Commonwealth’s case or things that will make the Commonwealth’s burden of proof more difficult, they may be more willing to work out certain deals or agreements. These deals could lead to lesser jail time, no jail time, a first offender program, or other less severe penalties.

Sometimes an attorney will go into the court with the investigative information and essentially argue the case with the judge. Even if the attorney knows they are not arguing for guilt or innocence, they can set a proper foundation so that when the accused is ultimately found guilty, the groundwork has already been laid to avoid any jail time with a conviction.

Consult with a Veteran Fredericksburg Drug Attorney

If you were arrested for a drug offense, hire an attorney who could put forward the proper procedures and do whatever is necessary to lessen the crime, negotiate it down, or argue with the judge or the jury to prepare for a lesser sentence. The sooner you call, the sooner you could receive the benefits of a Fredericksburg drug attorney. With an dedicated criminal defense lawyer by your side, you could have a better chance at a positive outcome to your case. Get in touch with a lawyer today to get started.