Expectations Following a Fredericksburg Drug Charge

When someone is charged with a drug offense, the first thing they should expect is that they are going to go to jail. An individual arrested for drugs is going to sit in jail for at least 12 hours. It could be anywhere from 10 to 12 hours before they are arrested, processed, and brought in front of a magistrate to see if they are going to get a bond. The Code of Virginia states that everyone deserves some form of a bond. Once an individual learns what their bond is, they will have to pay it to get out of jail. After a person gets out of jail following an arrest, they will have to wait for their trial date. Their expectations following a Fredericksburg drug charge should include having to make multiple court appearances.

For more information about the expectations following a Fredericksburg drug charge, reach out to a seasoned drug attorney.

Pretrial Services

When someone is out on bond following an arrest, there is a system in place called pretrial services. This is designed to keep tabs on individuals as they await their trial dates, makes sure they do not flee, and ensure that they are not going to be a threat to the community. If someone has been arrested on a drug charge in Fredericksburg, drug testing can be part of their pretrial services. If they fail a drug test, a judge will revoke their bond and send them back to jail. Then the individual will have to sit in jail as they await their court date.

Expect to Have Name in Police System

One of the expectations following a Fredericksburg drug charge someone should have is expecting to have their name in the police system. Once they are in the system, anytime police officers have a future interaction with them, then the police can look up and see that they are a drug user or dealer. Little things for most people can become big inconveniences because now they are on the police’s radar and in the police system. In Fredericksburg, it is a single team that handles most of the drug cases. Therefore, once someone is known to the police, it is hard to get off of their list.

Range of Drug Charges in Fredericksburg

There is a broad range of charges when it comes to drug offenses. When dealing with drug charges, normally there are two subsets of charges. This is either going to be possession of a controlled substance or the possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. No matter what the drug case is, the offender is going to be charged with possessing a drug or distributing a drug, whether it is possession with intent to distribute, actually distributing it, or manufacturing it. In Fredericksburg, one can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony when it comes to drug offenses. For more information about the expectations following a Fredericksburg drug charge, reach out to a knowledgeable and skilled drug defense attorney today.