Reckless Driving Stops and Arrests in Chesterfield

If you are arrested on reckless driving charges you will be taken to the Chesterfield Sherriff’s Office, which is located on Ironbridge Road. You will be brought before a magistrate which to determine if a bond should be set and what they bond may be. Depending on the severity of the case they may be held in Chesterfield County jail until they see a judge for an arraignment.  In addition, if the case is severe your car may be impounded.

Due to these potential penalties, it is important you contact a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible. To learn more about these charges and the arrest process involved, read below or call and schedule a consultation today.

Reckless Driving Arrests

Typically no, however, if the case involves a very high speed or incident involving alcohol then yes. The majority of the time you simply receive a summons that you are required to sign acknowledging that you promise to appear in court.

Reckless Driving and Out of State Drivers

That will depend on the case itself. Again if it is an aggravated case most definitely the individual needs to appear. If it is a more standard case involving speed in the low to high 80’s to 90 or involves an accident with no injuries, then an attorney can typically handle without you needing to appear.  Again however, if it is a speeding in the 90s or above or has other aggravating factors we recommend our client appear to avail themselves of the Court.

Common Roads Where Citations Occur

Several main roadways get the majority of these sorts of cases – number one obviously being Interstate 95 which goes up and down the East Coast and traverses right through Chesterfield County and also Interstate 288 which travels around the County.  Directly in the County Route 150 and Rte. 10 are heavily trafficked roadways and therefore monitored strictly by law enforcement.


Due to the growth of the County and major roadways Officer are out in force monitoring the roadways for dangerous or reckless driving.  Due to the number of accidents and fatalities over the last several years it has become a particular point of emphasis for the Judges and prosecutors to punish these violations, especially when other drivers are endangered.

Our Approach to Reckless Cases

Clients choose to work with me in Chesterfield because of my familiarity with the court, the prosecutors, and the officers. I have been practicing in Chesterfield for over 13 years. I am very familiar with the Court system in Chesterfield and I think that pays dividends in preparing my clients for trial and getting the best outcomes possible.  I take pride in being able to communicate effectively with my clients and educating them on the legal process, particularly how it pertains to their case.