Reckless Driving Charges in Chesterfield

Something you should understand about reckless driving charges in Chesterfield is the amount of these charges that courts see due to the location of major interstates like I-95 and Route 150 in Chesterfield.  This means that the courts are very familiar with dealing with these cases. Also, the Judges in Chesterfield can be particularly harsh in applying punishment with aggravated cases where some other counties may not be. This familiarity makes it important that you consult with a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer who is experienced and knows how these cases are treated.

Where Will Reckless Driving Cases Be Heard in Chesterfield?

The case will be heard in the Chesterfield General District Court which is off Ironbridge Road in Chesterfield County. There are typically traffic dockets at 8:30 AM and 1 PM.  Traffic cases can be heard in any one of five difference courtrooms.

Enforcement of Reckless Driving

How prosecutors and judges in Chesterfield treat reckless driving charges depends on a few factors.

  • Whether the individual’s case was an aggravated one, involving extremely high speed versus or injuries. If this is the case, they will look to suspend a license or impose an active jail sentence.
  • If it is a less aggravated case they will be more receptive to reducing the charge of considering a possible dismissal on terms if the record is good and there were no issues with the officer or trooper involved.
  • They will always factor in the driving record but will also look at the circumstances, time of day, and what the individual does for a living.

Aggravated Reckless Driving Cases in Chesterfield

One of the most unique things about Chesterfield is with aggravated cases of reckless driving they will typically make it a two-step process. In other words, your first appearance in court will be for an arraignment, rather than to resolve the charge itself.

This is different from other jurisdictions where the judge rules on your reckless driving charge during your first court date. This may be because Chesterfield, unlike a lot of other jurisdictions in Virginia, will actually look to impose jail sentence if it is an aggravated case.

In Chesterfield, you will often be ordered to appear for the arraignment where the judge will advise you on your right to have an attorney.  Next, the Court will set a trial date.  At this trial date the matter will be resolved.

Another interesting thing about reckless driving charges in Chesterfield is that prosecutors will also get involved in these cases. In a lot of jurisdictions in Virginia, the officer appears for the court date, but prosecutors do not get involved. In Chesterfield, it is common for prosecutors to be involved in aggravated reckless driving cases.