Radar Detector Laws in Chesterfield

A police radar detector is the device used by state troopers and local officers to determine if radar is active in the area. They are used to detect radar signatures, or in some cases, even interference provided by a radar device.

In Virginia, it is not illegal to have the device in your vehicle however, it is illegal to have it operational or to have it attached to a power source. In addition, it’s illegal to have it accessible. For this reasons, the best thing to do if you have a radar device in Virginia is either put it in your center console or your glove box. If cited for having a radar detector call a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer to discuss your charge and what can be done.

Penalties For a Radar Detector

The penalty for having a radar detector in Virginia is typically a fine. There are no points involved with this penalty, so the fine can be very high. The officers can take the device for evidence, but it would be returned to you upon completion of your case.

What If You’re Driving From a State Where Detectors Are Legal?

If you’re driving into Virginia from a state where radar devices are legal, you need to be aware that they are not legal and not allowed to be used in Virginia. What you need to do is detach the radar device from the power source and put it in a glove box a center console or compartment of some sort.

What to Know About Radar Detectors in Virginia

The main thing people need to know about radar detectors in Chesterfield is that they are illegal and should not be used. If you are pulled over and officers see it connected to your power device or see it accessible to you, they will always write a ticket for it.

With this said, the first big mistake to avoid is having a radar detector. The second big mistake is to just simply turn the power off and think that you won’t get in trouble. You need to understand that the device needs to be detached from the power source and not be accessible to you. It cannot be within your reach.

Radar Jammers

Radar jammers are not common, but they do exist. Radar jammers are used to interfere with an officers’ radar. They’re used to interfere with these devices so that they cannot get an accurate reading of your speed or speed of vehicles in your area. These are illegal in Chesterfield County and throughout Virginia, and you will receive a fine if you’re found to be using one.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you have a radar detector, a lawyer can help argue your case. They would intend to show that the device was not operational and that it was not accessible. That would be the clearest defense to these sorts of charges. An attorney can also have the device returned to you, and petition the court to have your property return to you after conclusion of your case.