Chesterfield Speed Limit Information

Speed limits and regulations exist in order to supplement a motorist’s judgment in determining the speeds that are reasonable for proper road conditions. The limits are also imposed to assist law enforcement and to promote overall highway safety. As a result, drivers are required under Virginia law to follow these speed limits, even though many officers and state troopers will allow a certain amount of leniency, usually within five miles an hour, as to going over the speed limit. With that said, if you are caught exceeding the speed limit you can face a fine or in some cases even a criminal charge.

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Absolute Speed Limits

An absolute speed limit would be the highest speed that is allowable. For example, if you’re in a 65-mile an hour zone, that would be the limit. Basically, Virginia has an absolute speed limit law and there’s really no trick to how this works. If the sign says 40 miles an hour and you’re going 41, you’re speeding and you’re violating the law.

The officers routinely provide a little bit of leeway regarding speed. They typically won’t pull you over if you’re going only 5 to maybe even 10 miles an hour over the limit. However, they can and that’s where the absolute law comes into effect.

Presumed Speed Limits

If there is no sign in an area, the presumed speed limit is 25 miles an hour. That is the primary presumed limit in Chesterfield County.

Basic Speed Limit

The basic speed limit is the minimum speed you can drive safely on the road. For instance, if it is raining extremely hard, snowing or icy on the road, the basic speed limit would be the minimum speed required to drive safely.

Differences Between Each Type of Speed Limit

The absolute speed limit is the speed limit that’s noted by the signs located on the highways and roadways across the county. The presumed limit takes place where there is no sign, and it’s understood that it applies in residential areas where there could be children and families out in the streets. The minimum safe limit is directed toward a driver’s judgment. This applies if the conditions are hazardous or the conditions require that the driver slows down.

Types of Speed Limits in Chesterfield

There isn’t an overall basic speed limit throughout the county of Chesterfield. However, there are some basic speed limits throughout the area. In residential areas, it’s commonly 25 miles an hour, on the highways, it can range from 55 to 70 miles an hour, depending on the stretch of road you’re on. There is no common speed limit throughout the county.