Chesterfield Reckless Driving: Speedometer Calibration as Defense

A speedometer calibration is when an individual gets their speedometer checked to determine if there’s a technical issue with it. In other words, was it misreading at that time you were stopped? If your speedometer was incorrect, you might be unaware of the fact that you were going over the speed limit. This can be a defense that is raised by your attorney or presented as a mitigating factor in your case. What can often happen is, if a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer can prove your speedometer was not correctly calibrated, he or she can also prove that you weren’t aware of your speed.

Where to Get Your Speedometer Calibrated in Chesterfield

You can typically get your speedometer calibrated either at a dealership or a repair shop in Chesterfield. Typically, what you’ll want to do is to contact the dealer to determine if they have what’s called a dynamometer. This is what reads the speedometer and determines if there is an error with it. It is usually not terribly expensive; it typically costs within the range of 50 to 100 dollars.

How Calibration Can Help in a Reckless Driving Case

A speedometer calibration can result in either a reduction or even possible dismissal of your reckless driving case. If a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer can show that your vehicle had a technical defect that you were unaware of at the time of the stop, it is something that he or she can present to the court as a defense. It can be raised toward mitigation or getting the matter outright dismissed. It could play a major factor in the final outcome of your case.

Speedometer Calibrations as Mitigating Factor

Regarding speedometer calibrations, a judge does not have to accept it. It’s at the discretion of the Chesterfield court if they will accept it in this case. What a Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer would have to show is, that you did not have knowledge of it and that you have addressed it. The courts will also want to find out if you have ever used a calibration as a defense in the past; that will be a crucial factor. Although courts do not necessarily have to accept speedometer calibrations as a defense, if it is accepted it can play a major role in getting your case dismissed.

If someone’s vehicle is more than several years old, and they haven’t had their speedometer calibrated in quite some time, they should get it calibrated. If there is an issue with your speedometer it can have a dramatic effect towards getting the case reduced or dismissed, and it can also greatly aid an attorney in trying to negotiate a final settlement.