Richmond Reckless Driving Cases: Speedometer Calibrations

Virginia traffic laws are notoriously strict. If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in Richmond, then there are many different defenses that might apply to your unique case. A Richmond reckless driving lawyer can help you to better understand the defense options for you to combat a reckless driving charge, including defensive strategies involving speedometer calibrations. Oftentimes, speedometers can be inaccurate which can help you to build a defense against your case.

Speedometer Calibrations as a Defense Against Reckless Driving

A speedometer calibration is the process of getting your vehicle tested to determine if your speedometer was working accurately at the time you were stopped. It can sometimes be used as a legal defense or as a mitigating factor. You may be able to get your speedometer calibrated at a Richmond County dealership or a local auto shop. It is typically not too expensive—usually $50 to $100.

A speedometer calibration can help with a reckless driving case if it shows that your speedometer was defective and you were not aware of it. In particular, if the speedometer is reading, say, four or six miles per hour off, it can mean the difference between a speeding ticket and a reckless driving charge. A Richmond reckless driving attorney would present this evidence to the prosecutor and the judge not only as a legal defense, but also as a mitigating factor as to why you were speeding. It is important to note, however that inaccurate speedometer calibrations are not an assured victory in the courtroom.

For example, if someone is charged with reckless driving for driving 27 mph above the speed limit and a speedometer calibration proves that the driver’s speedometer was off by 8 mph, it could potentially lessen the charge to a speeding ticket. An experienced Richmond reckless driving lawyer will usually adviser their clients to get a speedometer calibration in reckless driving cases involving speed.

Arguing Speedometer Inaccuracy in Court

Local lawyers will tell you that it is not the law in Richmond that if your speedometer is off, the speeding is not your fault. The court will look at the totality of the circumstances and your record. They’ll also look for indications that you had any notice of your speedometer being off. That’s important because if you were unaware of your speed, an inaccurate speedometer could be the reason for it. Typically, the court will use it as a mitigating factor. If a reckless driving attorney in Richmond can get an agreement from a prosecutor, it can even be raised as a defense.

Reminders About Richmond Speedometer Calibrations

The main thing that Richmond reckless driving lawyers will tell you is that individuals should know about a speedometer calibration is that it is not an absolute defense. It does not guarantee that you will get out of a ticket in Richmond. The court will consider it along with your driving record in total. A couple of things the court will consider are whether you were aware or should have been aware of the issue with your speedometer and whether you’ve ever used speedometer calibration as a defense or a mitigating factor in the past.