Defense Strategies For Richmond Reckless Driving Cases

Defense strategies in a reckless driving case are extremely important due to the severe consequences that accompany a conviction. If you or someone you know has been accused of driving recklessly in Virginia, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Below, an attorney answers questions about building a defense for reckless driving charges in Virginia. For more information contact a Richmond reckless driving lawyer.

What Are The Main Things That You Look For In a Case?

We look for mitigating facts in the incident itself. If there was an accident are their witnesses or other factors that prove our client was not at fault. If it is a speeding record could there be issues with their vehicle or with the officer’s radar. Then we want to know about their driving record. How good or bad a client’s driving record is has a dramatic impact on what we can get done on a case or what we can negotiate with the prosecutor.

What Are Some Defense Strategies That You Use in Reckless Driving Cases?

The most common is getting information from the officer on their equipment. Again, making sure their equipment was working accurately on the day of the stop and making sure they have that evidence in court.

If it’s an accident case, what we want to hear from any witnesses, look at the pictures of the accident, and diagrams/pictures of road where the accident took place.

Lastly we want to know if our client’s speedometer (in a speeding case) was working correctly on the day in question.  If there speedometer was defective and we have documentation to support this, we can use it get a charge reduced or dismissed.

What is The Advantage of a Local Richmond Reckless Driving Lawyer?

I’d say the primary advantage is the knowledge of the court and its’ procedures. Familiarity with the judges and how they handle reckless driving cases as they all have different ways of handling these matters.

It also helps to have familiarity with the prosecutors in the Richmond office . It is always beneficial to have a working relationship or knowledge of the various prosecutors who handle these cases.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Richmond Reckless Driving Matters?

I think it goes back to what I just discussed regarding my familiarity with the court. I’ve been practicing in the City of Richmond  for over  thirteen years. I’m familiar with the judges, prosecutors, and officers in Richmond.   I understand their unique procedures in handling reckless driving matters and know the best way to achieve positive results when charged in the City of Richmond.