Reckless Driving by Accident in Richmond

Reckless driving by accident means that an accident occurred and that the individual charged with reckless driving is the at-fault driver. Reckless driving by accident in Richmond is charged whenever there is an injury. It is also charged whenever there is a death, unfortunately. While the police do not have to charge reckless driving whenever there is an accident, they do charge it a lot when there is an accident. Reckless driving by accident is considered just as severe as all the other forms of reckless driving. If you have been charged with a reckless driving by accident offense, consult a qualified reckless driving lawyer that could answer your questions.

Differences Between Reckless Driving by Accident and Speeding

Reckless driving by speed is based off of the speed of the vehicle traveling. There is no collision or accident involved whereas in a reckless driving by accident, speed can be a factor but is not the defining factor in the reckless driving. It is the accident that goes to show that the driver was acting in a reckless manner and the nature of the accident, the way in which the accident occurred, the number of people involved in the accident. The aforementioned factors are all going to be evidence in trials concerning reckless driving by accident in Richmond, whereas a reckless driving by speed is essentially an officer testifying to where they caught the person at.

Defending Reckless Driving By Accident Charges

When defending against Reckless driving by accident in Richmond, the evidence can be and normally is as in-depth as civil accident cases because the commonwealth still has a burden of proving that the individual who was involved in the accident or who was at fault in the accident was also acting in a reckless manner and the burden is higher in a criminal defense or a criminal case than a civil case. So, there is going to be the same if not more evidence offered and stronger and more emphatic arguments made in order to prove a criminal charge than a civil case.

There are many legal excuses to be involved in a collision and then if the accident is not the person’s fault, then they are not liable for, the damage, of course, that are done to the body of the vehicle or the body of the people. The driver is also not liable for any criminal charges that stem from the accident because they are not the one who’s at fault. They are not the one who acted either recklessly or, depending on any of the charges that could be brought, negligently.

Impact on a Commercial Driver’s License

If someone is a CDL(commercial driver’s license) driver, their case cannot be dismissed or reduced based on driving school. Another important aspect of working with individuals who hold CDLs is that their ability to make money is linked to their ability to drive. So, having their license suspended will lead to lack of employment for them. It is vital that the driver do everything they can to protect their license and their livelihood.

Steps a Reckless Driving Attorney Could Take

A couple of things are needed when building a case and those things include the copy of the driving record, the DMV’s accident report or the police officer’s accident report, any statements that the individual made to the police officer about the accident, and other pertinent information.

Normally in an accident case, the police do not see it so they are not privy to the accident. They can only kind of go off of what was told to them, and so the defense is going to need the statements of the individuals involved to discuss or to determine what exactly happened at the accident. If someone does not have any witnesses, then that increases the chance that the commonwealth will not be able to prove that the accident was, in fact, the fault of the accused. So, all of that information is going to be privy – all that information, an attorney is going to want when defending a reckless driving by accident case.

Reasons to Hire a Richmond Reckless Driving by Accident Attorney

If you are dealing with reckless driving by accident in Richmond it is important that you contact an attorney. This offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor and you should try to keep your record clean. You want to keep your driving record as clean as you possibly can. You want to avoid fines, court costs and you also want to avoid having your license suspended as well. Work with a capable reckless driving attorney that could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.