How Does Richmond Treat Reckless Driving Cases?

If you are cited for reckless driving in the Richmond area, it is important to know that reckless driving is not just a traffic ticket—it is a criminal offense. That means pleading guilty and paying the fine can result in a criminal record. For some of us, that can jeopardize our security clearance, CDLs, and even show up on background checks. For that reason, it is important to contact a Richmond reckless driving lawyer to discuss your options.

Below, a reckless driving attorney discusses what someone should expect from Richmond prosecutors and courts when facing reckless driving charges.

How Do Richmond Courts and Prosecutors Treat Reckless Driving?

The City has established a strict enforcement of these statutes. Where there are aggravated circumstances, the Courts will punish these charges severely.  In addition, the prosecutors will be less likely to negotiate on aggravated cases or where the defendant has a CDL or bad driving record.

Is There Anything Different About Reckless Driving In Richmond?

Well, as far as reckless driving goes in Richmond and throughout Virginia, if you are stopped typically the officer will only give you a summons to appear in Court.  Most of the time, individuals are not arrested at the scene, again unless it’s an aggravated case like speeding in the high 90s or someone going over 100 miles an hour.

If it is an aggravated case you could be arrested on the spot, be arraigned, and receive a bond.  However, in most cases you will be given a summons with a date to appear in Court for trial.  If you have an attorney representing you in court, your attorney can typically negotiate with the prosecutor to resolve the matter, however, if the case is aggravated you may be required to simply plead your case before the judge.

What Are The Long Term Consequences of a Reckless Driving Conviction in Richmond?

There are several. The primary one is obviously license suspension if there is one. If there is a license suspension , it can go anywhere from thirty days to up to six months. Though you can request a restricted operator’s license for to and from work and other necessities but it is at the discretion of the Court whether to grant it or not.

Another significant impact is that a a conviction for  reckless driving in the state of Virginia comes with a 6 DMV demerit points.  Depending on your record it could also result in a suspension from DMV for rapid point accumulation.

And probably the most expensive effect is the one a conviction has on your insurance. Obviously the younger you are, the more dramatic effect your reckless driving ticket would have on your record and therefore on your insurance rates.  If a license suspension is imposed as a result of the charge you could be required to obtain SR-22 high risk insurance, which is prohibitively expensive.