DUI While on Probation in Richmond

DUIs are already taken seriously in Richmond, so when a person is on probation for another crime when they are charged with DUI, it shows the court that they are still conducting in unlawful behavior which the court will take seriously. Additionally, if the probation is for a prior DUI in particular, it shows the court that the steps taken while on probation are not effective. Therefore, when a person is charged with a DUI while on probation in Richmond, the court will make the resulting penalties stricter if the person is convicted.

If a person is charged with a DUI while on probation, not only is there a high likelihood that a court may withhold bond on their current charge, but it is also likely that their case could result in another charge or revocation of their prior jail sentence. If a person can beat the charges against them, though, the case is dismissed, and they will then typically go back on the normal terms of their probation since there will be no new criminal conviction.

For this reason, it is so important for a person who has been charged with a DUI while they are on probation in Richmond to contact an experienced attorney in Richmond right away. By seeking out an attorney who has knowledge and experience regarding the Richmond area, a person has the opportunity to combat the charges against them and minimize the penalties as much as possible.

Conditions of Probation

Typical conditions of probation in Richmond are that a person attends classes and that they submit to drug and urine screens. In addition to that, what the court may ask the person to sometimes to wear what is called a SCRAM bracelet. A SCRAM bracelet is a bracelet that monitors alcohol intake through the wearer’s perspiration.

A person’s case will greatly depend on what the person is on probation for. If a person is on probation for another DUI, it will most definitely result in an extremely high bond as well as pretrial monitoring which usually involves drug screens and alcohol screens. If a person is on probation for a prior DUI and they receive a new DUI, it can have a very severe impact on their case. Prosecutors are less likely to negotiate on a DUI case because they know – or assume – that there is an ongoing problem. In addition, they may seek an increased and harsher sentence on any conviction.

Violation of Probation

Getting a DUI in Richmond would definitely result in a violation of a person’s probation in that is shows that there has been the consumption of alcohol and that the person has been engaging in unlawful activity while on their probation. It would also violate the terms of the person’s probation that required good behavior and it will typically result in the person either getting stricter conditions or serving the rest of their time in jail until trial. Additionally, in most cases, the court will think that the person is a danger to the public and may simply revoke that person’s bond as a result.

In the case that a person gets new terms of probation, the term will most likely be harsher. The court can increase the term of the person’s probation or the amount of monitoring that’s involved in their probation, so while it is not double probation, what a court will typically do is just increase the severity or the requirements of the current probation.