Richmond DUI License Suspensions

If you or someone you know has been charged with driving under the influence in Richmond, VA you may be facing suspension of your license. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding DUI license suspension in Richmond including where cases are heard and what you should expect through the process. To learn more about license suspension or DUI in general contact a Richmond DUI lawyer today to set up a consultation free of charge.

Where Are Driver’s License Proceedings Heard in Richmond?

Those are also heard in the general district court. The location of your hearing will depend on where you’re stopped, but they’ll be heard in the general district court typically in the afternoon on the motions docket.

Now What Should Someone Expect from the Administrative Hearing Process?

Requesting a Court to remove or reduce an administrative suspension is very difficult.  The administrative suspension which lasts anywhere from seven days for first offense to sixty days for a second or subsequent offense is difficult to overcome.

The only way to get a court to remove or reduce the suspension is to show that there is an issue with the stop, there is an issue with the test, or and/or that there is an issue with their use of a prior offense. In other words, it’s a prior charge being used to escalate the DUI is not  valid.

Can You Get a Restricted License in Richmond?

The judges in Richmond, in particular the John Marshall Court Building, are very strict about authorizing a restricted license. They’re going to want to know where you work, the specific location. They’re going to want to know specific hours, they will typically not grant it for more than five to six days a week. One judge in particular will want to see something from your employer regarding the hours you work, regarding what your job duties are that would require you to drive during work.

We have a lot of clients that are trying to seek a restricted license for to, from, and during work. If you’re asking for one during work, the judge will want to see something from your employer that says it is a requirement of your job to drive during work. They are very strict in giving these privileges and require very strict adherence to your restricted license requirements.

In other words if you’re found to be driving outside the bounds of your restricted license, they will almost immediately revoke that license and in many cases seek to impose a jail sentence.