Richmond DUI Enforcement

As a Richmond DUI lawyer can tell you, DUI cases in Richmond are pursued very vigorously. The officers are constantly on the lookout for impaired driving and DUIs are a prime focus for law enforcement in the area. They’re actively patrolling and monitoring the roadways looking for indicators of DUI whether through your driving or behavior.

Additionally, due to the major roadways in the area and the public safety concerns DUI drivers pose to the city, it’s become a prime focus for the city of Richmond law enforcement. There have been a number of DUI related accidents over the years that have resulted in injuries and even fatalities.  In addition, Richmond has a large population of young adults with three colleges within the city limits and lots of young adults with access to alcohol, so prevention and enforcement of DUIs are a high priority.

Law Enforcement Priorities

Law enforcement officers in Richmond strictly enforce DUI laws in the area due to the major roadways in and around the city and the high number of young adults with access to alcohol.

It’s been a priority in the city for law enforcement officers to monitor and enforce DUIs. In other words, they are out in force on the roadways to specifically targeting impaired drivers and looking for signals of impaired driving, especially on weekend nights.

DUI Checkpoints

Roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints do occur in the city of Richmond, however, they’re not nearly as common as they used to be. If they occur, they’re typically on secondary roadways and not typically in major roadways just due to the traffic and safety concerns.

Richmond Prosecutors in DUI Cases

What makes DUI cases in Richmond unique is just how strictly the city of Richmond prosecutors are in enforcing DUIs. Prosecutors will not negotiate on or reduce DUI cases unless we can raise strong legal issues.  In addition to that, Judges even on a very standard first offense will impose an active jail sentence, which is unique to the city of Richmond.

Contacting A DUI Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Due to severity with which DUI cases are prosecuted it is imperative that if you are charged you consult with an experienced Richmond DUI lawyer as soon as possible. By contacting an attorney you give yourself the best chance at building a strong defense and minimizing the harm of your charges. Call and schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case and how to proceed.