Our Approach to DUI Cases in Richmond, Virginia

The following is taken from an interview with a Richmond DUI lawyer who explains how he approaches DUI cases in Virginia. To learn more about our approach or to discuss your case call today and schedule a free consultation.

How Important Are Local Relationships and Knowledge of Local Players in Richmond?

These are extremely important in the city of Richmond. Having a relationship and knowledge of the prosecutors in Richmond is very important.  It is advantageous to know to know them, know how they work, know what arguments they’re receptive to and what steps of mitigation factors they will consider.

In addition to that, knowing the judges in Richmond is very important.  There are normally three judges that work the courts in Richmond and each one is different. While one judge may appear stricter than the others, another judge may be more apt to impose a jail sentence on this case versus what another might do.  Knowing how each one treats these cases is very, very important.

What Do You Find Particularly Challenging About Defending DUI Cases in Richmond?

Defending DUIs in Richmond is difficult due to the zero tolerance policy on these matters. Due to the public interests in curtailing these issues it is a high priority to convict DUIs.

The laws are very strict in Virginia, it is very hard to get one dismissed or even reduced.  They are prosecuted very strictly in the city of Richmond as well as the surrounding areas.  Also, the judges in particular again are very strict in imposing penalties on DUIs and will not allow reductions or dismissals unless there are sound legal arguments to get that done.

Why Do You Enjoy Defending DUI Cases in Richmond?

I enjoy DUI defense in Richmond mainly for the challenge of it. Defending a DUI is very difficult, it take a lot of work to prepare and argue a DUI.  You must thoroughly prepare your legal arguments to defend a DUI.  – If there is an issue or legal argument you can raise, you must be prepared to argue that in manner that the Judge’s will be receptive to in Richmond.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You for Richmond DUI Cases?

Primarily the familiarity with the court as well as my experience practicing criminal defense  since 2002.  I’ve been handling DUIs and criminal case in the city of Richmond since that time and  I’m very familiar with the prosecutors and judges there. I’m also very familiar with their unique procedures and how they handle cases and how they like to enforce the law on these particular cases  in Richmond versus other areas like  Henrico or Chesterfield.

Our Approach to DUI Cases in Richmond, Virginia