Prosecution of Richmond Assault Charges

An assault in Richmond is defined as an action or threat to intimidate someone or to threaten them in such a manner that they fear for their safety and perceive bodily harm. When a person is charged with assault, it is very important to contact a Richmond assault lawyer. Even if someone does not touch the other person, mere threats or even just the intimidation are enough to result in a criminal conviction and a possible jail sentence.

How Richmond Assault Cases Are Treated in Court

Richmond assault cases are treated very seriously. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor and may result in a high fine and/or a jail sentence. If convicted, it also results in a criminal conviction on the individual’s record. An assault conviction in Richmond can be detrimental to someone’s professional career, as well as their personal life. Because of this, it is vital to have an attorney help clarify the allegations and minimize the negative impact of the case.

Alternative Sentencing Options for First Time Offenders

There are alternative sentences available for first-time offenders. In some cases, when it is not an aggravated case, the court can take the matter under advisement for a possibly a year or more, and require anger management training and/or some community service. If the individual’s record stays clean; the court may consider reducing or dismissing the charge.

Some of the aggravating factors seen in Richmond assault cases are when it involves a police officer, teacher, or school official, or if the assault is based on qualifying factors such as race, religion, and/or national origin. If instances such as these occur, it can complicate the process and has the potential to be handled more harshly. Either way, it is crucial to your case that you contact a committed Richmond assault attorney who has experience in the local court system and can assist you in constructing the best possible defense for your case.

Standard Prosecution Operating Procedures

For cases in Richmond, the prosecutors use evidence from witnesses who may have seen the assault take place. They use the person’s own statements against them. The prosecuting attorney will also use the testimony of the victim and any officers who arrived at the scene.

The prosecutor proves intent by showing statements made by the person to intimidate someone else or that establish the person’s intent. Even a threat to inflict violence can be charged as assault in Richmond. They also use testimony from other individuals who may have witnessed the assault.

Importance of a Local Assault Attorney

It is very important for someone charged with assault to have a local assault lawyer. You need an attorney with knowledge of the court system and experience negotiating and dealing with the prosecutors who work in the Richmond area. The attorney must understand how the Richmond courts work and how they differ from surrounding courts in the area and throughout the state.