Defending Assault Charges in Richmond

Richmond courts treat assault cases very seriously. Many have entire dockets dedicated to both domestic and non-domestic assaults. If an individual has been charged with an assault offense, they should consult an adept assault attorney. A capable defense lawyer could begin the process of defending assault charges in Richmond and advocating for an individual.

How Lawyers Can Defend People From Assault Charges

Whenever a person is dealing with any kind of crime against the person and the person is alive, it is imperative that they have the ability and the skills to deal with the alleged victims. A person has to have a lawyer who is properly prepared and has the experience of cross-examining individuals who are accusing the defendant of some form of crime against them.

They have to know, have studied, and have experienced working with complainants who are going to be alleging certain acts, going to be very emotionally charged, and are going to have a feeling of self-righteousness as they are trying to get the person convicted. An assault lawyer who has the skill and experience is able to draw out the important information from a very emotional, petty, or contentious situation to show that the other individual has reason to and is making things up to have the person found guilty of a crime they may not have committed.

Evidence in Assault Cases

The first things attorneys are going to want when defending assault charges in Richmond, are statements from the client and statements from the alleged victim. They want to know what did the client say when they talked to police and what did the accuser say when they talked to police. Secondly, if there is any physical evidence at all as far as video, pictures, injuries, or photos of the incident or injuries, attorneys will want that. Also, it is 2018 and social media is huge, so Facebook and Instagram videos and pictures will be helpful as well either of the incident or of people discussing the incident. Lastly, if there exists any third party witnesses to the incident that do not have a dog in the fight, are going to be impartial, and can tell you specifically what they saw, that can be helpful as well.

Importance of Working With a Richmond Assault Lawyer

The main reason it is important to hire an experienced defense attorney is that assault charges are very delicate in nature. When a person is going to their trial, there are going to be a lot of moving parts and a lot of testimonies. A lot of times an assault charge can be made or broken simply on the testimony of the Commonwealth witness or the alleged victim.

A complainant’s testimony is going to carry a lot of weight. It is going to be imperative whenever a person is dealing with an assault charge that they are able to patch the words of the Commonwealth’s witnesses and successfully draw out any inconsistencies in their statements and any bias in what they are saying to prove that the person is not guilty of the assault charged. Only an experienced attorney can question and disprove witness testimony while defending assault charges in Richmond. Those who have been charged with assault should speak with an attorney that could advocate for them.