Richmond Assault Charges

There are many different acts that can kind of lead to an assault, but essentially an assault charge is a touching, an unwanted touching, or an act that puts somebody in a reasonable apprehension of a touching or an unwanted touching. Richmond assault charges vary, from your standard assault and battery to domestic assault and battery involving a family member, and aggravated or malicious wounding cases where there are significant injuries. The counsel of an assault attorney can be especially useful if you are facing any of these charges.

Common Richmond Assault Charges

There are a myriad of assault charges. The most common low-level Richmond assault charges are fights. Fights are going to be the most common, especially between two between individuals, between a bunch individuals, and with one person mostly alcohol-infused from being in a bar or club late-night hour. Many assaults happen late night leading with a fight.

Secondly, a lot of fights also happen between individuals who have some form of history with each other, like friends that used to be friends, roommates, frenemies, and things of that nature.

Lastly, many are domestic assaults. A domestic assault is an assault against a housemate that a person has some form of relationship with, either a familial relationship, like a brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather, husband or wife, or someone which they share a child in common.

Enforcement of Assault Charges

A lot of how law enforcement treats assault allegations depends on the severity of the assault. Again, if it’s a domestic issue, the officers will remove one party from the scene and or arrest one party if they can determine who the primary aggressor is. If the assault is connected to a robbery, drugs, or random conflict then officers will act quickly to find and arrest the accused.  Officers will act to protect the public safety and large college student body in the area from acts of violence.

This is definitely an area of emphasis for officers. The City and law enforcement officers are very proactive in investigating assaults associated with other crimes like mugging or those associated w/substance abuse. Especially if they pose a threat to the City at large or involve minors.

How Does Richmond Treat Assault Allegations?

Those low-level assaults are taken seriously. Awards are taken out relatively quickly and arrests are made within one to two days once the warrant has been taken out. Depending on the situation, the prosecutors normally look to get people into some kind of program or seek a conviction if serious enough.

If the officers in the city of Richmond are called out on an assault charge the number one priority they have is to see any sort of assault took place. If there is any indication of an assault, no matter how mild, they will arrest the aggressor. Once a domestic assault and battery charge is issued, a magistrate in the city of Richmond will also issue a 72-hour protective order. In handling these matters the Courts can be lenient if there were no injuries and there is no history of violent behavior.

What Makes Assault Charges Intimidating

Assault charges carry a stigma of violence. What most people do not know about Richmond assault charges is that most of the time they are not that violent of an offense. When most people hear the word assault, they think a beating by fist or by a weapon. However, in actuality, assault charges are normally a fight, a single slap, a push, or something very minute. Spitting on someone can constitute an assault charge. Generally, they are not as egregious as the normal layperson believes.

However, when an assault charge is on a person’s record, it carries with it a stigma of violence and aggression. When somebody is applying for jobs or for housing, carrying that assault charge on their record essentially means they are viewed by the public as a violent and aggressive individual, someone who cannot be trusted, and someone who can do a person harm. The biggest thing about assault charges is that they carry such a violent and aggressive stigma that causes real harm to the individuals who carry it.

What Happens After an Assault Arrest in Richmond?

They will be taken to Richmond City Police Department for processing. If there are no significant injuries or history of violence they will be released on no bond or a very low bond after seeing a magistrate. If there are injuries or a history of violence, the magistrate may set or high bond or withhold bond altogether.

If bond is withheld or very high you will be transported to the city jail for holding until you can go before a judge for an arraignment and bond. At your arraignment, the judge can set a bond and will advise you of your charge of your right to counsel. You will also be afforded the opportunity to request court-appointed counsel if you qualify or you can advise the judge of your intent to retain your own counsel. At this point, the Judge will give you a trial date.