Richmond Assault Investigations

Richmond assault investigations are taken very seriously. Any time an individual is accused of carrying out a physical action against another, the Commonwealth will vigorously try to determine whether the accusations are true. This is because assaults are considered to be particularly offensive crimes.

If an individual is charged with assault, they could face heavy fines or even jail time. If you have been accused of assault, contact a Richmond assault attorney. A qualified criminal lawyer could counter the charges and fines that you may be faced with.

What is the Process for Richmond Assault Investigations?

The Richmond assault investigation process depends on whether police are called to the scene or whether the alleged victim goes to the police station themselves.

If Police Are Called

If police are called to the scene, they will speak to each party and examine any evidence to determine what happened. Evidence can include things like bodily injury, broken objects in the home, or the alleged perpetrator’s admission to assault.  If evidence of an assault is present, the alleged perpetrator will be arrested, taken to the precinct, and served with a warrant.

If Police Are Not Called

If the police are not called to the scene, the alleged victim will typically go down to the magistrate’s office or the police station on their own accord and file for a warrant. If it is believed that there is probable cause in the case, a warrant will go out for the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

What to Expect from Richmond Assault Cases

Richmond assault investigations are often hearsay and lack physical evidence.

Richmond assault lawyers often witness cases where the alleged victims will make statements about assaults without being able to show bruises, cuts, or other types of physical proof that could back up their statements. In addition, defendants will counter these claims without any proof or witnesses that can attest to the fact they did not commit the assault.

Due to this, assault cases can get very heated. Each party is trying to defend their word with a lack of evidence to back it up. Often when there is a lack of evidence, an assault will be dropped. Assaults are taken very seriously, and therefore the prosecution will generally only move forward with a case if they have credible evidence.

Evidence Presented by the Prosecution in an Assault Case

While there are different types of evidence that could be used to prove assault; these are the types of evidence that are collected during Richmond assault investigations:

  • Testimonial evidence of the assault
  • Photo or video evidence of the assault
  • History of the past hospital records

The prosecution generally will not move forward with a case unless they have the evidence.

How a Richmond Assault Attorney Could Assist

If you were involved in an assault case, contact a Richmond assault attorney as soon as possible. Richmond assault investigations can be difficult to navigate alone. You deserve to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help you defend your case.