Impact of a Henrico County DUI on Employment

A DUI conviction in Henrico County can greatly impact an individual’s employment in a number of different ways. For example, if someone is reliant upon operating a vehicle to travel to and from work, a suspension of their license may impact their ability to get to work. If someone is insured through their employer for purposes of driving or operating a vehicle, they will typically lose that right or lose that ability, based on the DUI conviction.

In addition, individuals that have a security clearance can lose that clearance based on a conviction of a DUI. In some cases just the charge itself can have a significant impact on a security clearance as it is sometimes considered an indicator of a possible substance abuse issue. With these issues in mind, it is important to consult with a Henrico County DUI lawyer as soon as possible to ensure the harm of your charges are minimized as much as possible.

Impact of a DUI Conviction on Prospective Employment

A DUI conviction on someone’s record can have a significant impact on their chances of getting a job in Henrico County. The DUI conviction itself is a class 1 misdemeanor criminal conviction, which for some employers is enough reason not to hire someone. In addition, it could be an indicator of substance abuse issues, which is a red flag for a lot of employers.

What also comes into consideration is the limitations on being able to operate a vehicle. If someone’s employer or perspective employer requires that they have a valid and clean Virginia driving record, a DUI will have a significant impact on that and, in most cases, prevent the individual from obtaining employment. With cases like this, if someone is required to operate a vehicle, it has been ruled fair for employers to refuse to hire them if they have a DUI conviction.

Background Checks

Employers in the Richmond area routinely run background checks because of the role of the federal government in so many facets of employment in the area. From private contractors to government employees; there is always some level of scrutiny. Depending on the amount of clearance, these background checks can be yearly or, in some cases, weekly or monthly.

Impact on Current Employment

If someone is already employed, getting a DUI conviction can most definitely get them in trouble with their employer if their employer requires that they maintain a clean criminal record, if they have a security clearance, or if they are required to operate a work vehicle insured through their employer. In this regard a DUI can have a very significant detrimental impact on someone even if they already are employed.

Explaining a DUI Record

In many cases, an individual will not have a chance to explain their DUI record. Typically, employers run background checks. Once the individual gives consent, the employer will run the check very quickly and they might even tell the individual why they turned them down the job. For this reason it can actually be wise for someone with a DUI conviction to own up to it or advise perspective employers that it is there. They should advise the employer on what steps they have taken to address it, such as substance abuse counseling or things of that nature, which can mitigate how the employer views it.