DUI Enforcement in Henrico County

Although DUI laws are the same throughout the state, many areas such as Henrico County take an increasingly harsh stance against DUI offenders. Below, a Henrico County DUI lawyer discusses the enforcement of DUI laws and how law enforcement officers treat these offenses. To learn more or discuss your specific case, call and schedule a consultation today.

How DUI Laws are Enforced in Henrico County

Henrico County is a zero tolerance area for DUIs.  Officers are always on the lookout for signs of impaired driving especially on weekends and late at night. Henrico officers are out in force monitoring the roads and they’re very adept at spotting impaired driving and conducting the tests after the stop to determine if you are under the influence.

Additionally, DUI cases are prosecuted very vigorously in Henrico and punished very harshly. Law enforcement has been advised to be on the lookout for impaired driving throughout the county and to arrest when they suspect it. From law enforcement to prosecutors to judges, DUIs are enforced strictly in Henrico County.

Use of DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints are not common in Henrico but they do occur. Typically they’ll perform the DUI checkpoints on secondary roads like Parham Road or Staples Mill.

Why DUI’s are Treated so Seriously in Henrico

DUIs in Henrico County are a public safety concern. Over the last few years, there have been a number accidents and fatalities in the county related to impaired driving. In addition, Henrico is a very large county so it requires individuals to use the major roadways to get around which creates a public safety concern where impaired driving is concerned.

What Makes DUI Cases in Henrico Unique?

What makes Henrico DUI cases unique is the policy in Henrico of zero tolerance toward DUIs. It can be very difficult to get a DUI charge reduced or dismissed in Henrico County but it’s not impossible. One of the things an attorney will always try and do is establish a strong legal defense as well as raise mitigating factors to the attention of the prosecutors and court. While DUIs are pursued vigorously in Henrico, the prosecutors will negotiate on cases where an attorney can raise legal issues and provide mitigating factors.

Nuances To The Enforcement of DUIs in Henrico County

The one thing that thing that makes DUIs unique in Henrico is how much of a focus they are for law enforcement. Law enforcement in Henrico is very active in pursuing DUIs. They routinely have officers out looking for nothing but DUI cases in the evenings, at nights, and especially on weekends. The officers in Henrico are also very well trained in spotting impaired driving and very good in conducting their tests to determine impairment.