Henrico County DUI Drug Attorney

Contrary to what some people might believe, alcohol is not the only substance that can result in someone being pulled over for a DUI charge. Drugs, whether prescription or illegal, can also have a similar effect on the brain as alcohol does. A person can be charged with a criminal offense because of drug use just as easily as a regular DUI. Because it is a misdemeanor, it also has a lasting impact; misdemeanors remain on a person’s criminal record permanently.

This can result in loss of occupation, or even prevent someone from being hired for a position in future. This is why it is imperative that someone charged with a DUID contact an experienced Henrico County DUI attorney as soon as possible. A Henrico County DUI drug attorney will be able to anticipate the prosecution’s strategies and be able to argue towards a favorable outcome. Additionally, they understand the laws surrounding DUID arrests and charges and will be able to provide appropriate advice and recommendations on next steps to their client.

Henrico DUI Drug Charges

DUI drug charges are not that common in Henrico County. The majority of DUI charges are related to alcohol. However, DUI drug charges are prosecuted very vigorously in Henrico County and it is quite normal to get convictions on these sorts of charges.

An individual may be charged with driving under the influence of drugs when his or her driving or ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired due to prescription drugs, marijuana, Schedule I and II drugs such as heroin and cocaine, or other illicit substances.

OTC Medication

If an individual is under the influence of over-the-counter medication—for instance, allergy medication—he can still be charged with a DUID. The entire issue as it relates to DUID charges relates to one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle and that person’s impairment.

Quite often, Henrico County DUI drug lawyers see issues where an individual is under the influence of an over-the-counter drug when it is mixed with alcohol or taken in a way that was not prescribed.

Other Substances that can Trigger a DUI Charge

The other issue that will result in an arrest is the officers will look for issues or substances that can trigger DUI like marijuana, cocaine, or heroin. What Henrico County drug DUI lawyers also routinely see in Henrico are illegal substances or substances like illegally obtained Oxycodone, Xanax, or other prescription drugs.

DUID Traffic Stops in Henrico County

In order to enforce DUI drug laws, police officers in Henrico County will pull over people they suspect of operating a vehicle while impaired or under the influence. DUI drug stops in Henrico County are very similar to DUI alcohol stops. Officers will conduct a number of field tests to determine an individual’s ability to drive. Officers will also perform sobriety tests to determine what the impairment might be.

The main difference between the stop process for a regular DUI and a DUI drug charge in Henrico County is that there will be a blood test done rather than a breath test. A person does not need to be under the influence of an illegal drug. They can be legal drugs that can cause the impairment. For instance, if an individual is under the impairment of a prescription drug or even an over-the-counter drug, this can result in DUID charge.

Henrico County DUI Drug Attorney