Breathalyzers in Henrico County DUI Cases

Henrico County often uses Breathalyzers in Henrico County DUI cases as a method of determining whether or not a driver was driving drunk, and what their blood alcohol level was at the time of the incident. Breathalyzers are largely accurate, but with the help of a Henrico County DUI lawyer, the results or the procedure can be challenged.

Breathalyzer Machine Use

Breathalyzer machines or the Intoxilyzer machines have been used for years through Henrico County and have continued to be updated. Henrico County prides itself on training all their officers on how to operate the machine and how to properly maintain the machine, so that there aren’t issues routinely with the testing or with the maintenance. They also keep very detailed records of the machine, which are then handled by the Department of Forensic Science.

To ensure proper calibration, the machines in Henrico have to be maintained at regular intervals, typically usually around sixty to ninety days. They will be reviewed and worked on by the Department of Forensic Science. The records are also very accurate and maintained throughout the testing procedures. If there is an issue with the machine, the machine will be replaced very quickly for one that is working correctly.

Reliability of Breathalyzers in Henrico County

Breathalyzers are very accurate in Henrico County. The Breathalyzer machines in Henrico and throughout the state of Virginia are maintained by the Department of Forensic Science and they keep very detailed records of their maintenance. In many Henrico County DUI cases, it can be quickly determine if the machine is properly maintained and if it was functioning correctly.

It is a common misconception that Breathalyzers in Henrico Country are inaccurate or that they can be beaten. Usually, the machines are very accurate and if someone attempts to try and beat the machine by belching too much or not blowing hard enough, they will be charged with refusal.

Ways that False Positives May Occur

There are some instances however in a Henrico County DUI case, where the Breathalyzer machine can result in false positives or unusually high readouts. Those are typically in cases where someone belches and there is what is called mouth alcohol or there is what is referred to as ambient air—in other words, alcohol in the air where the machine is being tested. Routinely the machine will catch these and send back what is referred to as an invalid sample, but it does happen on occasion that there is an issue with the results that can be raised in defense.

Are Government Experts Aware of the Issues With Breathalyzer Machines?

Government experts are aware of some of the issues with the Breathalyzer machines, including those in Henrico County. These experts have been trained on how to spot these issues, but in many cases they must acknowledge inaccuracies and throw out the test. However, the machines have also been upgraded and adapted over the years to avoid these sorts of issues.

Challenging Breathalyzer Results

While the machines are very accurate, the results can be challenged. A person can challenge erroneous or incorrect test results in court or in some cases how the Breathalyzer test was conducted. It is not just the results, but a Henrico DUI attorney can challenge how the Breathalyzer machine was maintained, if the officer was properly trained on how to use the machine and had a certification, and if the machine was working properly when it conducted the test.