Colonial Heights Fraud Penalties

Colonial Heights fraud penalties could be harsh and intimidating following an initial conviction. Since many of these penalties hold severe consequences it is imperative to talk to someone who may know a suitable way to fight these penalties. Get in touch with a skilled fraud lawyer as soon as possible that could help build your case and defend your rights.

Common Penalties Associated With Fraud Cases

Most fraud cases may pertain to forgery and uttering, a fraud charge of that refers to obtaining money by false pretenses. The range of penalties a person might face after being convicted of fraud charges extends from 12 months in jail to 20 years for Class 4 felonies.

Colonial Heights fraud penalties may depend on the type of offense involved. For example, forgery and uttering is a Class 5 felony that could carry the maximum penalty of ten years in jail and a fine of $2,500.

What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude?

Moral turpitude refers to the idea that an alleged offense is in moral opposition to the standards of a given community, such as the standards of Colonial Heights. For example, welfare fraud and fraudulently receiving unemployment benefits may be considered an offense of moral turpitude.

The consequences for these offenses may depend on where in Virginia the crime is perpetrated. In the Colonial Heights area, the defendant could work out a payment plan for making restitution and stay out of jail. In smaller cities, there is generally less leniency as the community standards may stricter.

Immediate Consequences of a Fraud Conviction

Immediate consequences of a fraud conviction in Colonial Heights may begin with being placed on probation. A fraud conviction could impact the defendant by creating a criminal record, which could show up on background checks and make finding employment difficult. Furthermore, a felony conviction could prevent someone from voting or owning firearms.

No matter the classification of a fraud offense, whether a misdemeanor or felony, the implications of the accusation could lead to long-term consequences for a defendant.

Long-Term Consequences of a Colonial Heights Fraud Charge

The long-term consequences of a fraud conviction in Colonial Heights could depend on the length of time a person may spend in jail or how long their probation may be. The ability to apply for jobs may be the biggest impediment to a person’s life, as one may not be able to support themselves following jail time.

Having a fraud charge on a record could cause a lack of trust amongst employers. By consulting with a skilled lawyer during a trial, the Colonial Heights fraud penalties may be able to be diminished for the defendant.

Likelihood of a Colonial Heights Plea Deal

The likelihood that a person may be able to get a plea deal when charged with fraud is high, but whether that plea deal is favorable is often up to the skills of talented Colonial Heights fraud lawyer. The fraud cases that may be more likely to lead to a plea deal tend to be the more serious offenses.

Since the defendant may be looking at more time in jail, higher restitution, and a longer period of probation, a plea deal may be a suitable decision. In Colonial Heights and Virginia as a whole, an experienced attorney may want to follow the common trend of increasing the time on probation based on the amount of restitution owed to a claimant.