Colonial Heights Check Fraud Lawyer

Check fraud is when an individual writes a check when they know they lack the funds. If an individual has been involved in a check fraud case, they should contact a Colonial Heights check fraud lawyer immediately. A qualified criminal attorney could help you navigate the nuances of your case and emerge with a favorable outcome.

How to Know When A Check Fraud Investigation is Taking Place

Fraud cases, with the exception of identity theft, are normally handled by detectives or a team of investigators. These investigators interview witnesses, gather information, and follow up with banks to develop a case against an individual.

An individual will know they are being investigated for check fraud when investigators either contact them in reference to a check drawn from an account with insufficient funds or when their account is frozen. The best course of action after being contacted by investigators is to reach out to a Colonial Heights check fraud lawyer.

How Does Check Fraud Differ from Other Offenses?

Check fraud lawyers can attest to the fact that check fraud cases are normally investigated when there have been multiple fraudulent transactions. Instances of check fraud are not typically limited to a single count of fraud, such as a single instance of credit card fraud or forgery and uttering.

Helpful Information for Colonial Heights Check Fraud Lawyers

When an individual is charged with check fraud , they should try to gather some of the following information for Colonial Heights check fraud attorneys:

  • The jurisdiction the check was written in
  • The value of the check
  • How many checks have been written
  • The name of the bank or institution
  • The alleged victim of the check fraud

This information is imperative when trying to determine the appropriate course of action in a check fraud case.

Common Penalties for Check Fraud

Common check fraud crimes that check fraud lawyers in Colonial Heights witness are issuing bad checks, forgery, and uttering. Issuing a bad check for less than $200 is a misdemeanor and can carry up to 12 months in jail.

If the check was for $200 or more, it is a Class 6 felony and can carry up to five years in jail. Forgery and uttering are considered Class 5 felonies and can carry up to ten years in jail.

When to Contact a Colonial Heights Check Fraud Attorney

If you are concerned that you are under investigation, you will want to contact a Colonial Heights check fraud lawyer for two reasons. The first reason is that if you are not fraudulently converting checks or knowingly participating in check fraud, there may be a bigger issue taking place with your account that you are unaware of.

The second reason is that investigators looking into check fraud cases often take advantage of individuals who do not understand the complexities of check fraud cases. Having a distinguished lawyer will help you understand the ways to maneuver the case, could prevent you from being charged, or from being further prosecuted.