Colonial Heights Embezzlement Lawyer

In Virginia, embezzlement is defined as the wrongful taking of someone’s money or valued property, while under the care or supervision of the defendant. Embezzlement cases often occur in places of work in which people have been entrusted with a company’s finances and abuse that privilege. These charges are serious and can be intimidating to deal with without proper counsel. A Colonial Heights embezzlement lawyer could help to explain the implication of embezzlement charges and help to build a strong defense.

A person facing embezzlement charges should contact a criminal defense attorney the moment they have reason to believe they are going to be under investigation. An experienced criminal lawyer could help defend your reputation and work with you in constructing a case.

Consequences of Embezzlement Conviction

The immediate consequences of an embezzlement conviction could be jail time and a fine. The fine could depend on the amount embezzled from the plaintiff. A misdemeanor embezzlement, also known as petit larceny, carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500, plus restitution. Restitution in terms of embezzlement as the requirement of a defendant to pay back what they allegedly wrongfully took to the plaintiff.

In Colonial Heights, prosecutors seek to incarcerate people for embezzlement convictions, even for a first misdemeanor offense. For a felony embezzlement conviction, also known as grand larceny, a person could face up to 20 years in jail. Even with these consequences, all felonies come with some form of probation because of the implications that a felony charge holds, such as loss of voting rights and firearm possession.

Common Misconceptions About Embezzlement

The biggest misconception regarding embezzlement is that a person could potentially pay their way out of it. The idea of paying back the money that was stolen may not work, as the defendant would be admitting that they are guilty of committing the offense. This denys them the opportunity to fight the charge.

What Evidence is Necessary for an Embezzlement Defense Case?

Evidence that may be needed in an embezzlement defense case could depend on whether it is money or property. In building a defense against embezzlement, it is important to further legitimize the access that the defendant had to the funds or property allegedly taken.

A Colonial Heights embezzlement lawyer may want to look at contracts, conversations, and testimony involved in the possession and whether the defendant operated outside the scope of their initial access to the property or finances. By proving that other individuals may have had access to the property or indicating mistaken allocation of funds, a criminal defense attorney could strengthen the case.

Importance of Getting in Contact with a Colonial Heights Embezzlement lawyer

It is important to talk to an embezzlement lawyer who has experience working in Colonial Heights because it is a jurisdiction that is particularly hard on embezzlement charges. Hiring a seasoned attorney who is experienced in both case law and statutory law, could be a positive way to deal with your case.

A Colonial Heights embezzlement attorney could help your chances in avoiding significant penalties and could position your case in a favorable light.