Chesterfield Solicitation Lawyer

It may feel embarrassing to have someone accuse you of soliciting sexual services. You may also feel concerned about whether or not you might have to register as a sex offender if you are convicted on the charge.

In Chesterfield, the solicitation of prostitution is treated harshly, and a conviction may result in jail time an fines. If you are concerned about your citation or arrest for solicitation, it is probably time to contact an experienced attorney.

An adept Chesterfield solicitation lawyer may be able to assist you with a persuasive defense that allows you to come to a successful outcome.

Solicitation of Sexual Services from a Prostitute

The solicitation of a prostitute for sexual services is a crime in Chesterfield and throughout the state. In accordance with the Code of Virginia §18.2-346, an individual, who is determined to have offered money or other items of value to a prostitute for the purpose of purchasing sexual acts may be guilty of solicitation.

However, in addition to making an offer to the prostitute, the person must have also taken a substantial step in furtherance of the solicitation, such as handing over the money or inviting the prostitute into their vehicle. In Chesterfield, the solicitation of an adult prostitute is a Class I misdemeanor. A skilled Chesterfield solicitation attorney may be able to persuade the court that there was not substantial step involved in the client’s case, and so they did not solicit the prostitute.

Solicitation of a Minor

The solicitation of any prostitute may be treated seriously in Chesterfield. However, the solicitation of a minor may be dealt with more severely. In Chesterfield, it is a felony to offer a minor money or valuables in exchange for sexual favors.

According to state law, an individual who is alleged to have solicited a prostitute between the ages of 16 and 18 may be charged with a Class VI felony. The charges are even harsher when someone is accused of soliciting a child who is younger than 16. Here they may be indicted for a Class V felony. A qualified solicitation attorney in Chesterfield may be able to form a successful defense for clients who have been charged with the approaching a minor for sex.

Defense of Entrapment to Solicitation Charges in Chesterfield

Entrapment may be a viable defense to an indictment for the solicitation of prostitution if the client or the attorney has come to the conclusion that there may have been improper conduct by law enforcement. If the idea for the solicitation originated with the police, and the accused party was coerced into making the offer, this issue may be raised before the Chesterfield court.

A defense counsel may attempt to prove that the police acted improperly, and a reasonable person would not have acted differently in a similar situation. By doing so, a highly trained solicitation attorney in Chesterfield may be able to help their client gain a positive result.

Let a Chesterfield Solicitation Attorney Assist You

If you have been cited or arrested for the solicitation of sexual services, you might feel worried about what will happen now. The courts and Chesterfield law enforcement generally do not treat these types of charges lightly.

Call today to set up a meeting with a seasoned Chesterfield solicitation lawyer.