Chesterfield Traffic Lawyer

Virginia traffic laws are vigorously enforced. Many first-time traffic offenders in Virginia, especially out-of-state drivers, are startled at the severity of the penalties for many Virginia traffic law offenses, which might be regarded as routine elsewhere. There are several Virginia traffic laws that rise to the level of a misdemeanor and accordingly result in a criminal record for convicted drivers. For this reason, it is important you contact an experienced Chesterfield traffic lawyer to assist you with any traffic charges you may face.

Virginia Traffic Charges

Lawyers from our firm frequently represent both local residents and drivers passing through the Chesterfield on business or pleasure. The Chesterfield area contains a well-traveled portion of the Interstate 95 North-South Corridor and the beltway highways around the greater Richmond area. Traffic tickets are common, and our Chesterfield traffic lawyers defend clients against all types of traffic charges, including:

If you are an out-of state driver convicted of any traffic violation in Virginia, you may receive points on your driving record from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Unfortunately, these points will carry over and affect your driving record and insurance premiums in your home state as well.  Luckily, a skilled Chesterfield traffic lawyer can represent you in your absence, which means that you won’t have to travel all the way to Virginia to fight the charges.

License Suspension in Chesterfield

Driving on a license revoked for a DUI is a serious offense in Virginia, with possible sentences of up to twelve months or even as high as to five years if the third offense within 10 years. The offense also carries an additional three-year loss of license, making contact with a traffic attorney in Chesterfield important.

When facing traffic violations, it is important to realize the potential consequences of a conviction for even minor infractions:

  • Loss of your license
  • Steep fines
  • Increased insurance rates

Texting and Driving Laws

Traffic Lawyer in Chesterfield VAA recently enacted Virginia traffic law imposes a ban on all cellphone texting, e-mailing, or other distracting handheld device activities for all drivers statewide. Drivers can now be pulled over for texting and ticketed even if there is no other primary offense to justify the motor vehicle stop by a police officer. Formerly, this had been a secondary offense, meaning that police officers could ticket drivers only if they were stopped for a primary moving violation, such as speeding or disregarding a stop sign. Now, illegal use of a  handheld device while driving means a $125 fine for a first offense. Subsequent violations can receive larger penalties. For more information on texting and driving laws contact an experienced Chesterfield traffic attorney.

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If you want to protect your driving privileges, it is important to obtain the help of a seasoned Chesterfield traffic lawyer. Even a minor traffic violation can result in points against your license. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping clients with traffic ticket cases in courtrooms throughout the greater Chesterfield area and all of Virginia. Call us today to set up a consultation.