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The statutory scheme for gun ownership and gun possession in Virginia is very complex, and penalties for violation of gun laws are often severe. In addition to penalties normally associated with criminal offenses, the violation of Virginia gun laws can lead to the confiscation of weapons and the forfeiture of both the weapons and the right to own or possess guns in the future. Given the complexity and seriousness of gun issues in Virginia, contact a Chesterfield gun lawyer today to discuss the legal options available to your specific case.

Virginia Gun Laws

Virginia does not differentiate between “guns” and other firearms such as rifles and shotguns. The pertinent laws regulating the purchase, registration, ownership, possession, and use of all firearm-type weapons generally utilize the term “gun.”

Gun Lawyer in Chesterfield Virginia gun law breaks down into three primary categories that control how a gun is used, where a gun is used, and who uses or possesses a gun. The three categories are more particularly specified in the following sections of the Virginia Code sections and can be further explained by a Chesterfield gun lawyer:

Using Firearms Unlawfully in Chesterfield County

Certain statutes list circumstances under which shooting guns is unlawful. As a Chesterfield gun lawyer can explain, it is not legal to fire a gun in a public space or inside a building. There are provisions against firing a gun across a roadway or from a vehicle. The specifics of these prohibitions can be found in the statutes that outline where guns may not be discharged in Virginia:

Discharging a weapon in or across a road: Section 18.2-286

There are additional laws that specify standards of care for gun use, such as:

Reckless handling of firearms: Section 18.2-56.1

Recklessly leaving guns accessible to children: Section 18.2-56.2

Where Guns Are Illegal in Chesterfield

Virginia law prohibits not only the use but the mere possession of guns in certain restricted places, such as:

Courthouses: Section 18.2-283.1

Airport terminals: Section 18.2-287.01

Carrying loaded guns in public places: Section 18.2-287.4

The law also differentiates between certain areas of the state where it is and is not lawful to carry loaded guns in public places. Chesterfield is not designated as a prohibited location to carry loaded guns in public places, but places nearby are. A Chesterfield gun lawyer will be able to provide more information on where guns may be carried and how it affects your case.

Firearm Possession Laws

People prohibited from having guns Sections: 18.2-308.1; 18.2-308.2; 18.2-308.7

Virginia law prohibits the possession of guns by certain types of persons:

Individuals acquitted of crimes because of a reason of insanity:

Section 18.2-308.1:1

Individuals involuntarily committed to mental health facility: Section 18.2-308.1:3

Individuals subject to protective orders: Sections 18.2-308.1:4

Individuals convicted of two drug-related misdemeanors: Section 18.2-308.1:5

Individuals convicted of a felony: Section 18.2-308.2

Regardless of how, where, or who uses or possesses a gun in Virginia, there is a complicated and nuanced provision of the law, often misunderstood, prohibiting the possession of concealed weapons without first obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon. [Sections 18.2-308; 18.2-308.01; 18.2-308.02; 18.2-308.06.]

When to Contact a Chesterfield Gun Defense Lawyer

Care, caution, and circumspection should be exercised when confronted with issues concerning guns or any form of weapon in Virginia. If you are in doubt or have a question, call our experienced Chesterfield gun lawyers today.