Chesterfield Expungement Lawyer

It can feel liberating to have your name removed from court or police records. Nobody wants their employer to discover their criminal indictment, especially if there was no resulting conviction. An expungement may remove the information about the legal problems from public view, allowing you to feel secure in knowing that your business is no longer anyone else’s.

If you got in trouble during your youth, but have since become a respectable member of the community, you may also be able to have your juvenile records obliterated with the help of a skilled defense attorney. An experienced Chesterfield expungement lawyer may be able to assist you efficiently with have your court and police records purged.

Court and Police Records Expungement

If the Chesterfield prosecutor declined to file charges after an arrest, per the Code of Virginia § 19.2-392.2, the accused party may be able to apply to have the court records expunged. Other instances in Chesterfield where an expungement may be warranted include the dismissal of the charges, identify theft, or an acquittal after trial.

In order to achieve an expungement of law enforcement records, the previously accused person may submit a petition to the local law enforcement agency. If the applicant is able acquire an expungement of their police records, they may also receive a complete set of fingerprints back from the law enforcement agency. A well-informed Chesterfield expungement attorney may be adept at filing police records removal petitions.

Expungement of DNA Records in Chesterfield

Chesterfield residents who cooperated with a police investigation by supplying a DNA sample, or who were active suspects, may petition for an expungement of their genetic panel, if they were not criminally charged. However, as is stated in the Code of Virginia § 19.2-11.10, a data bank is not required to purge DNA records without written confirmation from either the district attorney or law enforcement that the individual was indeed exonerated.

A convicted party may also be able to have their genetic panel removed with their conviction was overturned. Per the Code of Virginia § 19.2-310.7, such persons may request to have their DNA removed from the data bank. A diligent expungement lawyer in Chesterfield may be willing to petition for DNA expungement on behalf of an exonerated client.

Youth Court Records Expungement

Juvenile courts in Chesterfield courts keep juvenile case files separate from nonminor records. They do so in compliance with §16.1-302 of the Code of Virginia. Moreover, information in the files may only be viewed by authorized personnel, including social workers, parents, judges, lawyers, and the youth after they reach the age of majority.

In accordance with § 16.1-306 of the Code of Virginia, the Chesterfield juvenile court expunges the records of youth who have reached the age of 19 and have not had a court hearing for the past five years. Under limited circumstances, the records may be preserved until an individual turns 29. A capable expungement attorney in Chesterfield may discuss delayed youth records expungements with relevant clients.

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In order to prevent your community from learning distasteful events from your past that you would rather forget, it may be prudent to petition for the expungement of your police, court, DNA, or juvenile records. A Chesterfield expungement lawyer may be able to help you with having this information purged.

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