Caroline County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Accusations of a sex crime can cause irreparable damage to your reputation, both professionally and personally. A conviction for a sex offense can impact your relationships, your job, your housing, and more, as it may brand you as a registered sex offender for years. The importance of contacting a Caroline County sex crimes lawyer cannot be understated for those who are facing sex offense charges.

The penalties for a sex offense conviction tend to be harsh, especially when the offense involves minors. As a result, you could be facing years in prison if convicted. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to assist those accused of sex offenses by achieving the most favorable outcome allowable, based on the facts of your case.

What are Some Sex-Based Offenses

“Sex crimes” isan expansive area of the law that encompasses a wide variety of behaviors. Inmost cases, a sex offense involves some sexual contact without the consent ofone party, or with a minor; a sex offense may or may not involve an element offorce or violence.


Under Va.Code § 18.2-61, rape occurs when individuals havesexual intercourse with others without their consent and by using force orthreats. Rape may also happen when individuals are unable to consent to sex,such as in the case of children under 13 or those who are physically ormentally disabled.

Carnal Knowledge

According to Va.Code § 18.2-63, it is illegal to have “carnalknowledge,” which covers various sexual acts, including intercourse with achild between the ages of 13 and 15. Other code sections define the offenses ofunlawful carnal knowledge of minors in juvenile detention facilities orinvolved in juvenile court proceedings, jail or prison inmates, or parolees orprobationers.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery involvessexual contact with others against their will by using force or threats under Va.Code § 18.2-67.4. Other examples of sexual batterymay occur in certain relationships, such as between jail personnel and inmates.Sexual battery becomes aggravated under Va.Code § 18.2-67.3 under some circumstances, such asoffenses that involve children under the age of 13 or the usage of dangerousweapons.

Other sexual offensesthat involve sexual contact without consent include attempted rape, forciblesodomy, object sexual penetration, sexual abuse of children under 15, and incest.As the consequences of any conviction for a sex offense can be extremely harsh,individuals facing these charges should not hesitate to contact a sex crimeslawyer in Caroline County for advice.

Other Sex-Related Crimes

Some sex offenses do notrequire any sexual contact to occur, such as prostitution, indecent exposure,and child pornography. While some of these crimes are misdemeanors with morelenient penalties, others can result in felony charges under federal and statelaw. A sex crimes attorney in Caroline County may be in the best position todefine the parameters of these offenses and their potential penalties.


According to Va.Code § 18.2-346, prostitution occurswhen persons engage in or offer to engage in sexual acts in exchange for moneyor any property of value, and take a substantial step toward completing theoffer. Likewise, solicitation involves making significant efforts to offer orgive money or something of value in exchange for sexual activity.

Child Pornography

Va.Code § 18.2-374.1:1 governs the possession and distributionof child pornography, which constitutes felony offenses. Even though theseoffenses may not involve any physical sexual contact, they still carry thepotential for substantial prison terms and other consequences.

Consult with a Caroline County Sex Crimes Attorney Today

While sex offense chargesare mere accusations of wrongdoing, they still can be enough to affect yourinterpersonal relationships, job, and career. A conviction may result in harshprison sentences and required sex offender registration long after you haveserved your sentence. A Caroline County sex crimes lawyer may be able to assistyou in building a strong defense to the charges against you.

Sex offenses differ inthe charges and the potential penalties that you may face, but they all canhave severe ramifications for your life. Do not risk the unwanted consequencesof attempting to handle cases such as these without first seeking legal advice.