Caroline County Gun Lawyer

Although many consider gun possession to be a constitutional right, various state and federal laws govern gun ownership, possession, and usage. Those individuals who violate these laws face potentially harsh consequences, including incarceration, fines, probation, and other forms of punishment.

If law enforcement authorities have accused you of violating gun laws, you may want to contact a Caroline County gun lawyer right away for legal counsel and guidance.

Some individuals may not possess firearms at all under state and federal laws. Other individuals may be able to own firearms legally, but not in all places. Whatever your gun charges entail, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to represent your interests, advocate on your behalf, and work toward the resolution of the charges against you that has the least adverse impact on your life.

Prohibitions on Individuals Possessing Firearms

Individuals whom a judge or jury has found not guilty of criminal charges due to insanity may not possess guns under Virginia law. Likewise, individuals whom courts have ruled are legally incompetent or mentally incapacitated may not own firearms.

If individuals have some types of criminal convictions, they may not possess firearms. The broadest category of those prohibited from having guns are those individuals with felony convictions. Furthermore, persons who accrue convictions for two or more drug offenses within three years also may not possess guns under Va. Code § 18.2-308.1:5.

Additionally, under Va. Code § 18.2-308.1:4, which following federal law, individuals convicted of any domestic violence-related crime, including misdemeanors, or who are subject to domestic violence protective order, may not possess or carry guns. Violations of any of these prohibitions on who may carry guns can result in harsh consequences.

A gun lawyer in Caroline County may be able to defend individuals against the potentially severe ramifications of an illegal gun possession charge.

Caroline County Concealed Firearms Possession

Although many individuals have a permit that allows them to carry concealed weapons legally, those who do so in public without a valid permit violate the law.

Under Va. Code § 18.2-308, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense to carry pistols or revolvers in a concealed fashion without a proper permit, and a felony offense for a second or subsequent violation. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule, including the following:

  • Individuals while in their own places of business
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Individuals going to and from shooting ranges, weapons exhibitions, hunting, firearms training courses, and gun repair shops
  • Attorneys for the Commonwealth and judges

Exceptions also exist for other individuals, including guards at correctional facilities and U.S. mail carriers. Those who do not fall within one of the enumerated exceptions in this code section violate the law and may face incarceration as a result. For those facing criminal gun-related charges, a gun attorney in Caroline County may be of assistance.

Public Places and Gun Possession

Many Virginians openly can carry firearms or carry concealed weapons according to a valid permit, but it is still illegal to possess guns in some public places. Although there are some exceptions for law enforcement and school security officers, for instance, Va. Code § 18.2-308.1 prohibits the possession of firearms on school grounds, including school buses. Furthermore, discharging weapons on school grounds or within 1,000 feet of school grounds can enhance penalties for illegally discharging a firearm.

Under Va. Code § 18.2-283, it also is illegal to possess guns while in churches and other places of worship. Courthouses are another place in which individuals may not bring firearms under Va. Code § 18.2-283.1. Running afoul of these laws can have harsh results.

Learn How a Caroline County Gun Attorney Can Help

Individuals facing any gun-related charges are at risk for severe penalties that can be highly damaging to their futures. Building a strong defense from the outset of your case may be the most effective way to fight back against gun charges. A Caroline County gun lawyer may be your best ally in developing a solid defense strategy in your case.

To avoid the potentially adverse impact of a criminal gun conviction on your permanent records, you should consider the merits of engaging legal counsel right away. Delaying legal representation can be prejudicial to your case and make it more difficult to put up a strong defense to the charges.