Caroline County Fraud Lawyer

The prospect of a fraud conviction can be intimidating for anyone arrested on that charge. A conviction carries severe penalties, including jail time and fines. In addition, there are serious collateral consequences for these types of charges. With the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you might be able to beat the fraud charges you are facing.

While the Commonwealth’s Attorney in your case might seem confident, the reality is fraud charges are often defensible. A Caroline County fraud lawyer could evaluate your case and advise you of the strength of the case against you. Your legal counsel could help you develop a defense that could see you acquitted of all charges.

Overview of Fraud Law in Caroline County

Commonwealth law identifies a wide range of potential fraud charges and the penalties that come with them. While federal prosecutors could also bring fraud charges, they typically involve fraudulent acts that cross state lines or involve a federal agency. If the conduct a person is accused of occurred in Caroline County, that is where the case will likely originate.

Fraud charges are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the circumstances. Some types of fraud are automatically felonies. In other cases, the prosecutor could have some discretion on the severity of the charges.

One common fraud charge involves the impersonation of a law enforcement officer. This offense is always a misdemeanor for first-time offenders. A conviction could lead to a jail term of no more than one year, a fine of $2,500, or a combination of both. That said, a prior conviction for impersonating an officer could make a subsequent offense a Class 6 felony. With a Class 6 felony, the jury has the power to apply the misdemeanor penalty or a felony sentence of up to 5 years in prison.

The jury does not have the same discretion in a charge of forging banknotes, as per Code of Virginia § 18.2-170. This crime involves forging any coin, note or bill currently in use by the government or any banking entity. A violation of this statute is always a Class 4 felony according to the code. A conviction of forging banknotes carries a prison term of no less than two and no more than ten years in prison. With so many potential fraud statutes, there is a chance multiple charges could apply in the same case. A Caroline County fraud lawyer case might be able to convince the Commonwealth’s Attorney to reduce the current charges to a less fraud offense.

Defeating a Fraud Charge

While avoiding a fraud conviction is possible, the odds of success depend on the strategy a Caroline County attorney develops for the defendant. In some cases, simply arguing the evidence presented by the government is insufficient will be enough. Another common defense involves the lack of intent to commit a crime. Fraud is an intentional act, which means an accident or clerical error should not result in a conviction. Some less common defenses used in these cases could include duress or entrapment, among other examples.

Work with a Caroline County Fraud Attorney as Soon as Possible

Developing a winning strategy in a fraud case can be a challenge. Thankfully, you do not have to take on that challenge alone. With the help of your attorney, you could build a winning defense that fits with the facts of your case.

If you have questions about your potential defense options, there is no better time to discuss it than the present. Reach out to a Caroline County fraud lawyer as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.

Caroline County Fraud Lawyer