Caroline County Stalking Lawyer

Stalking is engaging in any kind of activity on multiple occasions that put somebody or their family members in fear of death or bodily injury. This can be through anything from creeping and peering through somebody’s window, all the way to making nonverbal threats.

Stalking is a very wide open area of law and, depending on a person’s factual situation, stalking is a violation that a person is going to want an experienced Caroline County defense attorney who understands the area and understands the law in order to protect them. Stalking is a crime that does come with a social stigma as well and they are going to want to protect themselves from that. If charged with stalking, please contact a Caroline County stalking lawyer today.

What are the Aspects of Stalking?

Stalking is defined by Virginia Code section 18.2-60.3. The code states that stalking occurs when any person on more than one occasion engages in a conduct directed at another person with the intent to place. Additionally, when the victim knows or reasonably feels or should know that the conduct places, that other person in a reasonable fear of death, criminal or sexual assault, or bodily injury to the other person or to that person’s family. When this is alleged to have occurred, an individual can be charged with stalking and should consult with a Caroline County stalking attorney.

What Behaviors Warrant a Stalking Charge?

There are a multitude of behaviors that can lead to stalking charges. Most of the time there are multiple contacts, so multiple unwanted phone calls, threats, unwanted or unwarranted visits to either somebody’s house or somebody’s work or the home or work of other family members. This can also include unwanted emails and text messages.

Social media is a large aspect of stalking in our new digital age. Media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even the dating apps, such as Tinder, can be used by someone who is overzealous in some way, shape, or form. It is important to be careful when one is dealing with all of these different social media apps as well as the way in which a person talks, speaks, and connects with people because all of those can ultimately lead you to a stalking charge.

Most stalking charges occur over a misunderstanding, but whenever an individual feels threatened in some way, shape, or form and no longer wants to be contacted, that can lead to a stalking charge. While it may not ultimately lead to a stalking conviction, a large majority of all stalking charges begin with some form of misunderstanding. There are people who do stalk, but most of the stalking charges begin with some form of misunderstanding, which gets blown up and then the charge is ultimately brought.

Offenses Related to Stalking

There are many criminal offenses that can be tied into a stalking charge, some of the lower-level criminal offenses are violations of protective orders, trespassing, phone threats, and things of that nature.

With that said, very serious offenses such as malicious wounding, sexual battery, and rape can also be associated with a stalking charge if the stalking is in the beginning. That may ultimately lead to some of these more serious cases and so as far as a low-level offense, the protective order, trespassing, phone threats, and misdemeanors.

Difference From Harassment

The major difference between stalking and harassment is fear from the alleged victim of death or bodily injury. Harassment can also occur simply by intending to annoy somebody, to coerce somebody to do something, or to intimidate another person but not put them in a place of fear of death or bodily injury.

For example, if someone calls somebody else’s phone repeatedly but continues to hang up when they answer, that may be classified as a harassment charge as opposed to stalking. However, if an individual calls another person, shows up at their home, and engages in activity that has the other individual in fear of death or bodily injury, the charge will be escalated to stalking.

A person can be charged with both harassment and stalking at the same time. In certain situations, depending on the facts, an individual can be charged with harassing an individual at some point which then escalates to stalking. This often occurs when a person is involved with stalking and harassing multiple individuals.

Contacting a Caroline County Stalking Lawyer

A stalking charge can have lasting effects on someone for the rest of their life. The charges, if convicted, can be devastating, so it is important to contact an experienced Caroline County stalking lawyer right away. Do not fight these charges alone, please contact a Caroline County stalking attorney today.