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What Everyone Should Know About Assault in Richmond

While assault may seem like a relatively minor offense, it can carry steep consequences including fines and jail time. Additionally if convicted, an assault charge will go on your criminal record often limiting your employment and educational opportunities. For these reasons, it is imperative that you understand what being accused of assault entails in Richmond and how a defense will need to be built in order to minimize the harm of your charge.

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What Does Someone Facing Assault Charges in Richmond For the First Time Need to Know?

Number one, I think they need to know the position of the judges. The judges can be very strict on enforcing an active jail sentence if they feel it is necessary. They also need to be aware of some of the options that are available and agreements that an attorney can sometimes get with the prosecutors for anger management classes and for restitution, should it be medical injuries or property damage.

What Are Common Defense Strategies For Assault Charges in Richmond?

The most common defense strategy is attacking the testimony of prosecution witnesses.  You have to show either that their statements are not truthful or do not show that an assault took place.  Then you will need to provide your own evidence, typically through testimony of independent witnesses or the accused to show the assault did not take place or cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.  Then, you can challenge any medical damages claimed by showing they were not the result of an assault. Finally, you have to look to mitigating factors for your client:  Are they prepared to pay restitution? Are they agreeable to doing counseling? And, are they willing to accept a no contact order?

Why is Hiring Local Counsel Important For Assault Charges?

Local counsel is going to have a better knowledge of the local Judges and Prosecutors and know how that jurisdiction handles assault cases. They’re going to have a better understanding of what options are available in lieu of jail, like anger management, probation, etc. Local counsel will also know have a good idea of how the judges react to these sorts of cases. You need to know if you are dealing with a judge that is very strict and or one that will listen to mitigating factors.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With You For an Assault Case?

Clients choose to work with me in the City of Richmond because I have over 13 years of experience handling these types of cases.  I handled simple assault cases to aggravated assault and malicious wounding cases. I have a great deal of experience with the General District and Juvenile Court system in the City Richmond and have knowledge of the various judges and prosecutors that handle these cases.