Unique Aspects of Richmond Drug Cases

If you are being investigated, or were arrested for, a narcotics charge, it is essential for you to understand your legal rights and options during this time. Therefore, it could be beneficial to reach out to a seasoned drug lawyer immediately for assistance.

A seasoned legal professional could help to clarify the unique aspects of Richmond drug cases and answer your questions. Then, an attorney could work tirelessly to build a defense on your behalf.

Local Laws for Drug Cases

Common drug charges may be simple possession of Schedule I drug, Schedule II drug, marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs. There are a number of different policies within the Richmond prosecuting attorney’s office that can be helpful when dealing with certain drugs, however.

For example, on a first-offense marijuana charge, the Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s Office will likely give the person opportunities to have the matters dismissed, as well as the opportunity to get them expunged. Community service and substance abuse treatment can lead to an individual having a matter dismissed without having a conviction on their record.

Law Enforcement Crackdowns

Distribution and possession with intent to distribute are a big focus of the Richmond Police Department. Law enforcement officers are trying to crack down on distribution and possession with intent to distribute. As a result, they are arresting low-level narcotics dealers in an attempt to find the high-level ones. Still, a low-level dealer could be looking at up to 12 months in jail.

Low-level dealers are essentially individuals who sell and are in possession of drugs with an intent to distribute them—but not in large volumes. The differences between low level and high-level distribution are large, making this one of the unique aspects of drug cases in Richmond.

Penalties and Stigmas

It is important for anyone facing charges to understand the penalties they might face. For instance, in certain situations, a person could receive 30 days in jail for the possession of marijuana. However, for the felony offenses, a person can get up to 10 years in jail. Furthermore, a felony charge could bar an individual’s right to vote or own a firearm.

Furthermore, if a person is convicted of possessing a Schedule I or Schedule II substance, then the person might be viewed socially as a drug abuser, an addict, or a junkie. The alleged dealer or user will also be on police radars. Whenever the person is stopped or pulled over, or their name comes up in any sort of criminal context, the person is in law enforcement’s data system. As a result, issues that might otherwise be insignificant can become serious.

Seeking Legal Help with the Unique Aspects of Richmond Drug Cases

Drug charges can be complicated and they may have many moving parts, constitutional issues, and factual issues as well. Therefore, it is not something you want to handle on your own without a trained, responsible, and experienced attorney who has dealt with these issues before. Essentially, a skilled and dedicated lawyer may be able to defend the case properly.

The moment you are contacted by police, you should try your best to reach out to an attorney. This means that if you are stopped and arrested, you should call a lawyer. If you are stopped by the police and not arrested, you should still call a lawyer.

An attorney could help you to understand your rights, how to handle the ensuing legal process, and discuss how to best proceed. Call today to learn more about the unique aspects of Richmond drug cases.