Richmond Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing is taken very seriously in Richmond and is penalized very harshly. If someone has been charged with manufacturing drugs in Richmond, regardless of what drug it is, it is imperative that they contact an experienced drug lawyer as soon as possible. A Richmond drug manufacturing lawyer can fight the prosecutor’s evidence and argue in order to increase the alleged offender’s chance of having their charges reduced or dropped.

How is Drug Manufacturing Defined?

As far as Virginia is concerned, drug manufacturing falls under 18.2-248. However, with a higher volume dealer or depending on what the drug is, whether it is marijuana or a Schedule I or Schedule II, certain amounts and certain types can split things up. While everything does fall under one code section, it can flow into other code sections depending on the drug and the amount.

Manufacture of Marijuana

The definition of manufacturing marijuana in the state of Virginia means to grow, to produce, to prepare, to propagate, to convert, to process, to plant, to cultivate, or to harvest marijuana plants of any strain. After it has been grown, packaging, bagging, moving, transporting, or assisting others in their growing and cultivation of the plant counts as well. So at every level, the “distribution” from the farmer to replanting the seed into the ground, to the last person who is boxing it and sending it out to other individuals, all of that is going to fall under the guidelines of manufacturing marijuana.

Manufacture of Schedule One or Schedule Two  Substances

As far as a Schedule One or Schedule Two substances, the production, preparation, propagation, conversion or processing of any item regulated by the Virginia drug controlled act, counts and either directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of natural origin, essentially meaning, taking a sample, like taking a coca leaf and extracting oils from the plant, or cooking it down in order to create a natural cocaine itself or independently by means of chemical synthesis or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis, it includes packaging, any repackaging of the substance, labeling or relabeling the container, or taking prescription drugs and re-packaging them elsewhere, changing labels, labeling, and any of that will all fall under the guidelines of manufacturing a drug. Any person with questions regarding these laws should contact a Richmond drug manufacturing attorney.

Law Enforcement in Drug Manufacturing Cases

In Richmond, law enforcement has something called the Richmond Drug Team, which is about four or five officers who spend primarily all of their time investigating different individuals who are users who the officers can use for information to find out who is selling. They spend the bulk of their time working on drug cases. Now, the similar types of individuals in the CA’s office who are on the drug team there who spend most of their time in the vice office deal with the dealing and use of Schedule I and Schedule II narcotics in the City of Richmond.

Contacting a Richmond Drug Manufacturing Attorney

The State of Virginia treats drug manufacturing convictions harshly. In the eyes of the law (and most criminal court judges), a person who manufactures drugs poses a serious danger to society-at-large, and the potential penalties upon conviction can be significant. A knowledgeable drug manufacturing lawyer in Richmond can also review all of the facts and circumstances of your particular case and may be able to help you obtain a favorable plea deal with the prosecution. An experienced Richmond drug manufacturing lawyer could fight for a positive outcome for you.