Long Term Consequences for Richmond Drug Offenses

There are many long-term consequences for Richmond drug offenses that everyone should want to avoid. On a basic level, the more serious the drug, the higher the penalty will be. The quantity of that drug will also factor into how severe the penalty will be. For a marijuana first offense possession charge, the defendant will be looking at a maximum of 30 days in jail. If it is a simple possession case, then they will be looking at a year of community service. However, depending on many factors, an individual arrested for a drug crime could be facing decades in prison and expensive fines. One of the best ways to avoid the long-term consequences for Richmond drug offenses is to obtain the services of a skilled drug attorney.

Name in the Police System Following Drug Offense

One of the long-term consequences for Richmond drug offenses is that an individual could be facing an increasing amount of focus from the courts and the Commonwealth. Every time the person has a slip-up, violates pretrial, or violates the reporting center, then they could be facing active jail time. The more serious the drug that is being alleged to have been possessed, the longer the person is going to find themselves under the thumb of the general district and circuit courts in Richmond. A person having their name on the police’s radar could be facing serious inconveniences.

Can a Drug Case be Dismissed Right Away?

It is rare that a drug case can be dismissed right away, however, it can happen. One of the reasons a drug case can be dismissed is if the Commonwealth gets a lab report back and it turns out that what they believed was a drug was not actually one. In Richmond, if it is the person’s first offense, their charge may be dismissed right away if they agree to do community service. Another one of the reasons a person’s drug case could be dismissed is if there was a major constitutional violation. For example, the officer committed an illegal search of a person’s vehicle. When this happens, then the state must drop the case.

Contacting a Drug Attorney in Richmond Immediately

It is essential to contact a lawyer right away so that you could avoid the long-term consequences for Richmond drug offenses. A general rule is that the moment that someone has a police interaction that could lead to them going to jail, they need to call an attorney. If an individual is walking the streets with a bag of drugs in their pocket and a police officer walks up to talk to them, they should reach out to an attorney. Also, if the person is sitting in their house and the police kick the door in, they need to call a lawyer. The sooner an attorney is obtained, the sooner they could begin helping the individual avoid the long-term consequences for Richmond drug offenses. The lawyer could do this by offering advice, assessing the situation, and determining the best defense strategies.