Factors Impacting Richmond Drug Possession Charges

There are many factors impacting Richmond drug possession charges, including the type of substance found and the amount found. The stop and search itself can have an impact on potential penalties. Contact a seasoned drug possession lawyer today to learn more about all the factors that may impact your case.

Schedule of the Drug

The schedule of the drug is going to be the number one impact on how the prosecutors attempt to prosecute. There are different schedules for drugs in Virginia based on danger and addictive nature.

Of course, the higher the schedule, the more likely a person is going to be looking at severe consequences. Any of the high-schedule drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines will be treated more harshly. Illegal or abused prescription medications can also garner higher penalties generally due to their status as a higher scheduled substance. Marijuana may not be treated as harshly as other higher scheduled substances. Understanding the scheduling system can help clarify potential penalties for each specific substance as factors impacting Richmond drug possession charges.

Police Interaction

The defendant’s interaction with law enforcement is a factor in drug charges. The prosecutors and police are people who tend to be more lenient to those individuals who are respectful.

While a defendant should not waive their rights to remain silent or consent to every search to be kind to the police, being polite and kind may lead to more leniency from the police and prosecution. Calmly invoking the Fourth Amendment to avoid a search is different than taking an antagonistic approach to the investigating officer. A prosecutor may offer more lenient plea options if the officers were not accosted in any way during a traffic stop.

The Amount of Drugs Found

The next important factor impacting drug possession charges in Richmond is the amount of the substance found. Whatever the amount of a substance that was found and the number of the different types of substance that was discovered will impact the potential penalties. If someone is caught with a small amount of a single drug, they will likely face less severe charges than someone caught with multiple drugs in high quantities in their possession.

Ancillary Charges

Another factor is going to be any other ancillary things that were found during a search such as firearms. There is an additional and distinct charge for possessing a firearm while being in possession of a scheduled substance. This is separate from another firearm possession charge. Scales, large amounts of money, guns, cutting agents, credit cards, razors, little mirrors, and similar things that can be considered drug paraphernalia can also incur separate charges. Anything that is going to be an indication of distribution will come into play whenever one is looking at a change in consequence for any a drug charge.

Contact a Richmond Lawyer to Learn More About Factors Impacting Drug Possession Charges

There are many factors impacting Richmond drug possession charges that could lead to enhanced penalties and long-term consequences. If you are facing charges, contact a seasoned lawyer today. Let a dedicated drug attorney help advocate for you.