Richmond Drug Possession Defense Strategies

Drug possession lawyers in Richmond are constantly looking to see where a drug possession case can be challenged. There are levels to where a case can be challenged, so they break down every case into subsets, such as the stop and search as well as the type of substance and amount. There are many considerations to take into when presenting Richmond drug possession defense strategies, and skilled possession defense attorneys are necessary to build out a strong case.

Investigating Police Interactions

The first is going to be the stop. They will question how the interaction between the client and the police occurred and did the police do anything illegal to stop or seize the person.Then, they go into the search. They look at how the police officers found the evidence they were looking for to charge the person with possession, like was it something they saw in the ground, in a pocket, in a bag, or in a house.

Next, is going to be possession. They look at how the person is said to have possessed it, when they charged the person, and whether the person possessed it. If they are trying to say that they constructively possessed it, lawyers can challenge the constructiveness.

Lastly is the substance. They review how the police knew that the item was what they believed it to be. Even if a person believes that they have marijuana, heroin, or cocaine and tell the police officer they have it in their pocket or something. the police officer still has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the item seized is that. If a person believes they have marijuana and it turns out to be dirt, they cannot be charged or convicted of possessing marijuana. These different levels are the way in which a possession lawyer builds a defense for a Richmond drug possession case.

Early Contact

There are many issues that can be present in a drug possession charge in which the individual can beat the case. It is important to contact an attorney soon to not only discover those issues, but also to protect oneself from making a mistake that can obliterate a defense during the process.

The moment a person is contacted by police, whether arrested, seized, or stopped, contact a drug lawyer who can give advice about how to operate based on the facts and the circumstances that the person is in to get the person out of that situation, out of jail time, and ultimately an acquittal or a favorable outcome at trial.

Gathering Evidence

When dealing with any kind of drug possession, evidence can shape the defense. It is not going to in every case, but when privy to these things it is helpful.

There is going to be audio and video evidence, and depending on the situation, store cam footage. In the last two to three years, more cases have body camera footage from the police officers as well as photos from cellphone cameras, et cetera. Any audio and video of the interaction is immaterial.

Also, witnesses and not only third-party witnesses who saw what occurred and will testify to what happened between the person and the police officers but also the individual as a witness to what occurred when the police officer either stopped them illegally,  searched them illegally, or whatever the case may be. Evidence can be statements or words made by either witness or by the individual in reference to what they did or did not know and what they did or did not possess.

Benefits of an Attorney

A drug possession charge can often be very complicated and a very stressful obstacle, but contacting a Richmond drug lawyer can help relieve the complicity and stress as well as ensuring that you are receiving the representation you deserve. A lawyer can utilize various Richmond drug possession defense strategies and fight to have your charges dropped, or help to reduce any possible penalties that might be sentenced.