Benefits of a Richmond Drug Possession Attorney

If you have been charged with drug possession and are unsure about hiring legal counsel, consider the many benefits of a Richmond drug possession attorney. Your rights need to be protected at every point of the criminal justice process. A seasoned drug lawyer could protect those rights and fight the charges at your side. They can use their knowledge and experience for your benefit.

How a Lawyer’s Knowledge May Help

A lawyer’s understanding of the Fourth and the Fifth Amendment, constructive versus actual possession, and a lawyer’s understanding of the way the local officers interacts with individuals are all points of knowledge a lawyer can apply to help a defendant. This knowledge may be key if a person is trying to either avoid a prosecution or conviction. A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to apply that knowledge and experience to get the best possible outcome.

Building a Defense for Drug Possession Charges

There are four pieces to every drug possession case. The benefits of a Richmond drug possession attorney is that they will understand how to build an effective defense strategy after reviewing the four key pieces of the case.

The Stop

The stop is a critical part of every drug possession case. Specifically, how the officer came into contact with the defendant. The officer may just stop a person, search them when they’ve been stopped for another offense, or the officer may have a search warrant.

The Search

Searches require the consent of the defendant or probable cause that they are in possession of drugs. A search warrant issued by a judge can justify any search. Knowledge about a defendant’s rights during a search is one of the benefits of a Richmond drug possession lawyer.


There are two types of possession: actual and constructive. Actual possession is when a person physically has the substance on their person. Constructive possession is when they do not have it on their person, but exercise domain over it. For instance, if the substance was in their backpack or car. Both types of possession require a knowledge of what the substance is, and that it is illegal.

The Nature of the Substance

What the drug is makes a significant difference in the charge. If the defendant believes the substance to be illegal, but it is not, there is no charge. Likewise, possession charges might be able to be challenged if the prosecution cannot prove that the defendant knew what the substance was. Additionally, some substance schedules are prosecuted more harshly than others in Richmond.

Consult with a Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with drug possession, a criminal attorney may be able to help. There are many benefits of a Richmond drug possession attorney including experience in handling and fighting these types of charges. From the beginning of an investigation or an arrest all the way through to a trial, an attorney could help defend your rights.

Law enforcement may have made mistakes at one of many junctures during the justice process, and a lawyer could potentially find those errors and expose them for your benefit. Call today to schedule a consultation with experienced legal counsel today.