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Shoplifting or concealment in Fredericksburg is petty larceny or grand larceny, specifically from a store. Whether it is charged as a misdemeanor or felony, shoplifting can be penalized with jail time, court cost, fines, and possible restitution. Shoplifting can be considered a felony if the value of the item(s) taken is greater than or equal to $500. A Fredericksburg robbery lawyer who is knowledgeable about building a Fredericksburg theft defense can help protect your rights, interests, and your record.

Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting, more commonly known as concealment, exists when an individual takes an item in a store, hides it from common observation, and does so, with the intent to leave the store with the item, without paying for it. The elements of shoplifting are slightly different than larceny, but the penalties are the same. The main difference between shoplifting and other theft charges is that the item taken does not have to be removed from the store for a person to be charged with shoplifting.

Virginia Code Section 18.2-103 is the statute that governs shoplifting or concealment. A misdemeanor shoplifting charge is punishable with up to 12 months jail, a $2,500 fine, court cost, restitution, if necessary, and any other conditions that the court may impose.

There are two instances in which shoplifting can become a felony; if the value of the item(s) taken is $500 or more, or if the individual has two or more previous shoplifting or larceny convictions on their record, any subsequent offense can be charged as a felony.

The need for a vigorous criminal defense is high when there is potential jail time on the table. Contacting a Fredericksburg shoplifting lawyer is crucial.

Defending a Shoplifting Charge

The prosecutor will need to prove that an individual took an item in a store, hid it from common observation, and did so with the intent to leave the store, with the item, but without paying for it.

Virginia sentencing guidelines advise that when an individual is charged with a first time shoplifting offense, they may be placed on probation and, ultimately, have the matter dismissed as opposed to being incarcerated after conviction.

The judge will typically find that a second-time offender has not learned their lesson from their first experience. This can lead to a more rigorous prosecution and a harsher sentence if convicted.

The first thing a Fredericksburg shoplifting attorney would do in a shoplifting case is to get all of the information that they can from their client. Using the information gathered, the attorney can then investigate who, what, when, where, and how to find every lead and every shortfall in the prosecution’s case.  The entire case can turn on facts and nuances that an experienced Fredericksburg shoplifting attorney will be searching for when preparing a defense.

Filing motions, following up with witnesses, and conducting a thorough investigation are the keys to every good shoplifting defense. The facts of every case are different, but the key to any Fredericksburg shoplifting defense is in the details.

If you are facing shoplifting charges, whether they are misdemeanor or felony charges, contact an experienced and dedicated Fredericksburg shoplifting lawyer as soon as possible to begin building your defense.

Hire a Fredericksburg Shoplifting Attorney to Assist You

An attorney will be able to investigate your case, look at all of the evidence, and prepare the best defense for you. Since Fredericksburg shoplifting attorney is trained in this type of work, she or he will find things that a layperson would not be looking for. At the arraignment, an attorney can assist in selecting a favorable court date, address the issue of bond, if necessary, and begin gathering information about the case.

A local attorney is familiar with the area and knows what normally happens in differing types of cases. They have seen similar cases in Fredericksburg and can give you a realistic idea of what to expect. Immediately after being notified of your shoplifting charge, contact a lawyer to begin preparing your defense.

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